Programs to avoid if you have a gaming PC

Programs to avoid if you have a gaming PC

5. May 2023 by miranda angeles

If you have a gaming PC, you should avoid some programs to improve its performance, protect your privacy and maintain the well-being of your computer.

Everyone who owns a gaming PC usually wants the computer to offer the best possible performance. For this reason, they usually install some programs to make the most of the PC’s capabilities. Each user seeks to get the best out of the graphics card, the processor, or the SSD hard drive.

So, if you are one of those users, you should know that some programs can slow down your experience if installed on your computer.

So let’s dive into some very popular tools that you shouldn’t have on your PC for gaming for various reasons. Either because of security flaws or the availability of better alternatives, we advise you not to have these programs on your PC.

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Programs to avoid if you have a gaming PC


CCleaner was one of the most popular file-cleaning programs a few years ago. Millions of users regularly used the advantages of this software due to its effectiveness, which aroused the interest of the founders of Avast, who then completed a successful acquisition.

However, this move sparked criticism about data collection and security concerns, which worsened in 2017 when CCleaner spread malware to millions of users for weeks. Use the free Windows options instead, as they are preferable and protect your privacy.

Shockwave Player and Adobe Flash Player

You should delete any trace of Adobe Flash Player from your computer, as it is no longer supported as of January 2021. However, Shockwave Player is much worse because it stopped receiving updates in 2019.

Therefore, if you still have them installed on your PC, uninstalling both is the best thing to do because you no longer need either of these players. Not only will you free up space by doing this, but you’ll also be following the advice of Adobe itself, the official developers, who claim that the fastest way to “protect users’ systems” is to uninstall Flash Player.


The biggest problem with Java, as with Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player, is the security risk posed by this browser add-on. Thus, despite being Bill Gates’ nightmare thirty years ago, very few users and companies use Java today. Therefore, you should ideally remove any trace of this element from your gaming PC to preserve it, as even many web portals choose to dispense with Java content to avoid security problems.


Although this component is usually related to the Apple ecosystem, due to its popularity, it is also found on Windows-based devices. Unfortunately, Apple stopped offering support and security updates for the program many years ago, which is bad news for users who use it on computers running Microsoft’s operating system. Since Windows Player and VLC, a free all-rounder, are better alternatives, you should ideally dispense with this software if you have a Windows PC.