Professional LoL player fired for using the offensive name

Professional LoL player fired for using the offensive name

18. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently the world of esports related to LoL has been controversial since a LoL team player of Fnatic has been fired. The dismissal is due to the player mistakenly showing his account name, “Hitler199”, which is really offensive.

Professional LoL player fired for using an offensive name

Esports organizations usually have quite strict rules, which set the guidelines for conduct. Above all, the organizations watch over the good behavior of the players, even though most of their tournaments and competitions are based on video games.

That’s why much of the League of Legends competitive scene was not shocked when one of Fnatic Team Queso’s (or FnaticTQ) players was banned after discovering he was using an account with the username Hitler199.

FnaticTQ player suffers the consequences of his actions

The player we are talking about is the German AD Carry, better known as “Reptile.” This player represented FnaticTQ in the bot lane. Despite being a great player, he has made a mistake that has generated strong consequences. Reptile mistakenly revealed that he had another “Hitler” account, which alludes to Nazism.

After the player mistakenly displayed that name, Team Queso was alerted to the incident, and the situation quickly went viral on social networks. Due to Reptile’s actions, Team Queso has decided to fire him immediately.

During a rebroadcast, Reptile began searching for a skin he remembered owning. However, he did so from an account with the username Hitler199. Many people witnessed this fact. As expected, viewers did not let the find go unnoticed and shared the video on social networks. As already mentioned, this fact quickly went viral.

That same day, FnaticTQ issued a special statement on its Twitter account. In this statement, it is announced that Reptile’s contract has been terminated immediately. The team comments as follows:

“What happened today in his stream shows that he does not represent at all the values shared by Fnatic and Team Queso and does not meet the criteria of exemplarity that he must show at all times.”

Reptile’s comments after his dismissal

After being fired, Reptile made several posts on Twitter where he showed different screenshots. The player wanted to show that this account was bought with a friend. On the other hand, the player also assured that he had not used that account recently, so he did not know that his name had been changed.


In addition, Reptile comments that he feels very sorry for what has happened and that it was a mistake to share his account with his friend. Finally, Reptile adds that he will start a movement to raise funds to help the families of Holocaust survivors.