Prime Gaming gives Overwatch 2 players five levels of the new battle pass for free

Prime Gaming gives Overwatch 2 players five levels of the new battle pass for free

22. April 2023 by miranda angeles

For Overwatch 2 players who have a Prime Gaming subscription, we have very good news for you. This month players will receive five free Battle Pass levels valued at $10.

Prime Gaming offers are very beneficial for all gamers, and this time they have for all Overwatch 2 users several free levels of the Season 4 Battle Pass.

For people who do not know, Prime Gaming is a section of your Amazon Prime subscription. You must activate your account if you have an Amazon Prime subscription and are not enjoying the Prime Gaming freebies. This way, you won’t miss out on any monthly rewards.

Now, let’s discuss what Prime Gaming offers for Overwatch 2 players.

Five free Battle Pass levels for Overwatch 2 players

This week Overwatch 2 players can get a head start on the Season 4 Battle Pass, and best of all, you can claim the reward in a very simple way.

Since yesterday Overwatch 2 players can receive five levels of the battle pass at no cost; it is important to note that to receive these gifts, players must be subscribed to Prime Gaming.

While the new Overwatch 2 season that started on April 11 is very long, players are already running for the battle pass. On the one hand, players with too much time to invest in the game have already achieved level 80; however, not everyone has so much free time and increases levels little by little.

However, the new Prime Gaming gift will give these players a little boost. In addition to helping you advance, you can save money as this gift costs 1,000 in-game currency, equivalent to $10 of real money.

Overwatch 2 coins

How to get the free battle pass levels?

To get this gift, players must have their Prime Gaming account and Overwatch 2 account linked. After linking the two accounts, they should go to the offers page and click the “Get Game Content” button.

Once you click on the big purple button, you have the reward, which is very simple. However, all players need to know that this gift is available for a limited time, so if you want your five free battle pass levels, you must follow these steps before May 18.

It may be that five levels are not too many for many people, but remember that they are free. So if we talk about the levels that can get an average player in Overwatch 2 in one session is approximately five levels. So with this gift, many players save a day of work to reach the maximum level of the battle pass.