Premier Arms of CoD: Mobile’s 4th Anniversary for Combat Domination

Premier Arms of CoD: Mobile’s 4th Anniversary for Combat Domination

13. November 2023 by Never

Unveil the most deadly primary weapons that are setting the standard in the 4th anniversary of CoD: Mobile, in both casual and ranked matches.

The Metagame Shift Impact

With Season 10’s arrival, the CoD: Mobile armory has undergone a significant evolution. A notable shift is the reconfiguration of the weapon hierarchy, leading to the introduction of new contenders and, quite unexpectedly, the dethroning of the Kilo 141.

Rise and Fall: The Reconfiguration of an Arsenal

ASM10, CX-9, and DR-H have reaped considerable enhancements, altering combat tactics. Conversely, the PDW-57 has seen a reduction in horizontal recoil, impacting its dominance on the battlefield.

The New Monarchy: Grau 5.56

A new champion ascends in the form of the Grau 5.56. This assault rifle not only outperforms the Kilo 141 in functionality but also stands out for its range and mobility following recent upgrades.

Grau 5.56: Precision and Power

The Grau 5.56, with its outstanding fire rate and minimal recoil, becomes the preferred choice for players seeking efficiency and lethality.


Rising from the Ashes: HVK-30

The HVK-30 has made a powerful comeback. Armed with large-caliber ammunition, this weapon has become synonymous with lethality at varying ranges.

HVK-30: A Lethal Balance

Equipping the specialized magazine is crucial to maximizing this weapon’s capabilities, balancing its rate of fire with exceptional lethality.


Submachine Gun Domination: Switchblade X9

The Switchblade X9 continues to be an unstoppable force in battle, with an unmatched blend of minimal recoil, high rate of fire, and lethality.

Switchblade X9: Mobility and Lethality

Its ability to melt opponents in close-quarters combat, combined with superior mobility, positions it at the pinnacle of the submachine gun arsenal.



The Rise of the Submachine Gun: CX-9

Thanks to its enhancements, the CX-9 has emerged as a top choice for aggressive tactics and engagements at short to medium range.

CX-9: Lethality and Agility

With improvements in range and damage, this submachine gun promises to be a formidable tool for the most daring players.

CX 9 1

The Semiautomatic Power: SKS

The tactical rifle SKS has managed to secure a spot as one of the top five weapons in CoD: Mobile, offering a powerful and versatile option in combat.

SKS: A High-Impact Alternative

As a semiautomatic option, the SKS gives players the ability to quickly eliminate opponents with chest or headshots.


Mastering the Battlefield: Essential Weapons Guide for CoD: Mobile’s 4th Anniversary

During the 4th anniversary celebration of CoD: Mobile, these weapons stand out as essential tools for any player wishing to dominate the battlefield. With the right strategies and knowledge of these weapons, you can maximize your combat performance and elevate your skills to the next level.