Possible Twitch collaboration between Valkyrae and Madison Beer

Possible Twitch collaboration between Valkyrae and Madison Beer

5. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, Valkyrae fans have been speculating about a possible future collaboration with Madison Beer on Twitch.

For those who don’t know Madison Beer, she is a well-known American singer and content creator. Madison Beer started doing live broadcasts on Twitch in June this year; since then, she has had several peculiar situations. The popular Madison Beer already has more than 400K followers in just a few days. In addition, Madison Beer gained a lot of notoriety after she admitted that she is a fan of xQc.

On the other hand, we have Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, a popular internet figure, thanks to her broadcasts. Valkyrae has a huge fan base, which has helped her position herself as the most-watched female streamer on YouTube. Currently, Valkyrae has over 1 million subscribers. Now, Valkyrae, in addition to being a content creator, is a fan of Madison Beer.

So, Valkyrae has seen an excellent opportunity and has offered to help Madison Beer with her broadcasts on Twitch. Remember that she has just started on this social network.

Madison Beer receives Valkyrae’s support to improve its broadcasts

Valkyrae, during a live broadcast, commented that she had been a fan of Madison Beer since she was 15 years old. She then commented that she had noticed that Madison had no moderators in the chat of her broadcasts. So people are taking advantage and uploading copypastas of pure d*ck to the chat.

In addition, Valkyrae commented that Madison Beer was playing the game’s audio from her phone during the broadcasts, which led her to think that Madison Beer needed urgent help.

Then, Valkyrae comments that she decided to message Madison on her Twitter account and offer her help and tips on making better broadcasts.

On the other hand, Valkyrae told all her followers that Madison was following her on Twitter and that she had sent her a message. Later, Madison commented that she saw messages from Valkyrae and other content creators offering to help her improve her broadcasts. Madison thanked all the people who were supporting her, especially Valkyrae. In a live stream, Madison commented that Valkyrae was a beautiful person and an angel.

Possible Twitch collaboration between Valkyrae and Madison Beer

Valkyrae, after interacting with Madison via private Twitter messages, was enthusiastic. So Valkyrae’s fans have come to think there may soon be a collaboration between the two girls. If this collaboration comes to fruition, it will be an important step for Valkyrae and Madison; remember that the two girls have a significant fan base. Currently, the collaboration between these two girls is just fan speculation.