Major Shakeups in Pokemon Unite’s Patch: What You Need to Know

Major Shakeups in Pokemon Unite’s Patch: What You Need to Know

15. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

A New Era for Starter Pokemon and Key Balance Adjustments

Key Changes in the Latest Update

  • Early Evolutions for Starter Pokémon: Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise now evolve two levels earlier, significantly enhancing their early game impact. They still need to reach level nine for their Unite moves, but their early play has been considerably boosted.

Nerfs and Buffs: Balancing the Battlefield

  • Inteleon Unchanged: Despite expectations, Inteleon escapes nerfs again.
  • Zacian and Mewtwo Nerfed: These changes have been well-received, helping to balance gameplay.
  • Mimikyu Buffs: Surprisingly, Mimikyu gets stronger, raising questions about its potential dominance.

Specific Pokemon Changes

Featured Pokemon Unite Worst Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

  • Zacian: ‘Sacred Sword’ damage reduced and less damage reduction during use.
  • Mewtwo X: Attack and HP restoration nerfed, with ‘Psystrike’ damage reduced.
  • Mimikyu: Various abilities including ‘Shadow Claw’ and ‘Play Rough’ receive buffs.
  • Glaceon: ‘Ice Shard’ now offers a greater basic attack speed increase.
  • Slowbro: ‘Amnesia’ ability sees a reduction in its healing and defense capabilities.
  • Talonflame: Attack stat and ‘Aerial Ace’ ability buffed.
  • Chandelure: ‘Flamethrower’ and ‘Poltergeist’ abilities enhanced.
  • Eldegoss: ‘Pollen Puff’ healing ability reduced.
  • Clefable: ‘Draining Kiss’ now restores more HP.

Conclusion: A Shift in Pokemon Unite’s Meta

This update introduces significant shifts in the Pokemon Unite meta. The earlier evolutions for the classic starter Pokémon could reshape early game strategies, while the nerfs and buffs to various characters aim to maintain a balanced and competitive environment. Players will need to adapt quickly to these changes to stay ahead in the game.