Pokémon Unite Season 15: The Meta-Defining Top 5 Pokémon

Pokémon Unite Season 15: The Meta-Defining Top 5 Pokémon

12. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

5. Inteleon: The Sniper’s Edge in the Early Game

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Season 15 of Pokémon Unite sees Inteleon maintaining its top-tier status as the attacker to beat. Unaffected by balance patches, Inteleon’s early-game securing capabilities and powerful teamfight moves like Liquidation and Snipe Shot ensure it a place at number five.

4. Mewtwo X: The Resurgence of a Melee All-Rounder

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Despite the shake-up, Mewtwo X emerges as a formidable contender thanks to the recent balance changes. Its Mega Gauge mechanic and synergy with supports like Comfey make Mewtwo X a strategic powerhouse for climbing the ranks.

Hoopa: Supreme Support with Strategic Portals


Hoopa claims the title of the best support this season with its game-changing Hyperspace Hole and the transformative Unite Move, Rings Unbound. Hoopa’s unique abilities provide unparalleled utility, making it a must-have for any serious team composition.

Slowbro: The Starter with Unrivaled Control

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Slowbro’s inclusion as a “starter” Pokémon doesn’t hinder its second-place standing in the meta. With a moveset that offers both survivability and control, including the powerful Slowbeam Unite Move, Slowbro is a defender whose value cannot be overstated.

Zacian: The Uncontested King of the Arena

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Zacian reigns supreme in Pokémon Unite Season 15. A behemoth in stats with a critical hit rate that starts early, Zacian’s Sacred Sword and Agility moves, coupled with a devastating fourth boosted auto attack, make it the most formidable Pokémon in the current meta.

New Season, New Meta

Season 15 of Pokémon Unite has introduced significant shifts in the meta, with these five Pokémon leading the charge. Whether you’re a sniper with Inteleon or ruling the battle with Zacian, mastering these Pokémon is key to dominating the ranked ladder.