Pokémon Unite Patch Metagross Leads the Buffs

Pokémon Unite Patch Metagross Leads the Buffs

11. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Pokémon Unite’s newest patch,, brings a wave of significant changes, especially for the recently introduced Metagross. This update addresses balance issues and aims to enhance the gameplay experience for several Pokémon.

Metagross Buffs: A Pseudo-Legendary’s Rise

  • Stat Increases: Significant boosts in Defense and Special Defense.
  • Move Adjustments:
    • Iron Defense: Shield and boosted attack substantially increased.
    • Meteor Mash: Reduced cooldown, enhanced shield.
    • Zen Headbutt: Lowered cooldown.
    • Gyro Ball: Reduced cooldown with increased damage and shield.
    • Magnet Rise: Reduced cooldown with faster movement.
  • Unite Move: Lowered energy requirement and increased damage, especially when targeting a single enemy.


Wigglytuff’s Welcomed Enhancements

  • Moves:
    • Sing: Enhanced defense reduction effects and longer duration.
    • Dazzling Gleam: Increased damage scaling.

Sylveon and Gardevoir: Fairy-Type Boosts

  • Sylveon:
    • Increased Special Attack.
    • Unite Move now requires less energy and has increased damage.
  • Gardevoir:
    • Teleport: Shorter cooldown.
    • Unite Move requires less energy to charge.

Cinderace and Zeraora: Offensive Improvements

  • Cinderace:
    • Ember: Increased damage and burn effect.
    • Feint: Greater movement speed increase.
  • Zeraora:
    • Volt Switch: Enhanced damage.
    • Wild Charge: Increased damage.


Necessary Nerfs for Balance

  • Zacian:
    • Reduced attack and critical rate.
    • Boosted Auto Attack: Reduced move speed reduction and effect duration.
    • Metal Claw: Increased damage.
  • Lapras:
    • Ice Beam: Reduced frozen ground damage.
    • Water Pulse: Lowered first wave damage.
    • Unite Move: Increased energy requirement.
  • Dodrio:
    • Drill Peck: Damage reduction.
    • Unite Move: Reduced bonus attack damage.

Major Updates in Pokémon Unite’s Latest Patch

The Pokémon Unite Patch is set to revitalize the game’s dynamics, with Metagross receiving a substantial buff, making it a contender in the meta.

Additionally, the adjustments to Sylveon, Wigglytuff, and other Pokémon are likely to bring more diverse strategies to the forefront. Keep an eye on these changes as they could redefine the competitive landscape of Pokémon Unite.