Pokémon Unite Patch Notes Analysis: Dragapult’s Rise and New Solo Challenges

Pokémon Unite Patch Notes Analysis: Dragapult’s Rise and New Solo Challenges

7. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Pokémon Unite welcomes the festive season with an exciting patch, bringing significant updates, including balance changes, new events, and the addition of unique held items. This patch, notably featuring significant buffs for Dragapult and the introduction of a solo challenge with Champion Cynthia, marks a significant shift in the game’s dynamics.

Dragapult’s Dominance in the Meta


  • Major Buffs: Dragapult, the standout in this patch, has received substantial buffs. Its moves, “Phantom Force” and “Shadow Ball,” have been enhanced, alongside an increase in its attack stats and a reduced cooldown for its Unite Move, “Dreep and Destroy.”
  • Game Impact: These improvements have transformed Dragapult into a formidable force, reminiscent of Mewtwo Y’s rise in previous patches.

Innovative Held Items



  • Charging Charm and Resonant Guard: Two new held items, previously leaked, are now available for purchase. The Charging Charm enhances attack after movement or damage, while the Resonant Guard provides a defensive shield.
  • Community Reception: These items have been well-received, with specific Pokémon like Dodrio and Comfey finding great synergy with them.

Exciting Events and Game Changes


  • Snowball Event: The return of the Snowball event at Shivre City offers players a festive and fun experience.
  • Solo Challenge with Cynthia: A new solo challenge mode introduces players to strategic gameplay against CPU Trainers, focusing on Champion Cynthia.
  • EX Licenses and Rank Format: The introduction of EX licenses for certain Pokémon and a change in the rank format, preventing demotion past a certain skill tier, are also notable updates.

Latest Pokémon Unite Patch

The latest Pokémon Unite patch presents an array of changes that are sure to excite both veteran players and newcomers. With Dragapult’s significant buffs and the introduction of innovative held items and events, the game continues to evolve, offering a fresh and engaging experience.