Pokémon Legends ZA Reveals New and Intriguing Details

Pokémon Legends ZA Reveals New and Intriguing Details

16. April 2024 by Never

The big surprise from the late February Pokémon Presents event was the announcement of Pokémon Legends ZA, although the presentation kept all the aces up its sleeve for the future.

The highly anticipated Pokémon game for 2025, Legends Pokémon Z-A, has just offered new and scarce but interesting details through the Corocoro magazine.

Japanese Magazine Teases Pokémon Legends ZA and Exciting New Setting

The Japanese magazine has provided a brief preview of the game in its latest issue, while also raising expectations for its upcoming releases.

Although it doesn’t delve much into what this new installment holds, it emphasizes that the city in which it takes place is a “new Lumiose City” and that it differs quite a bit from the one seen in Pokémon X and Y for the 3DS.

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Exploring Pokémon Legends ZA: Mega Evolutions and Urban Wildlife

Additionally, it also highlights that there will be wild Pokémon within the city itself, so players will have to face them and capture them in the streets, and of course, they will have to deal with Mega Evolutions. Regarding these, in addition to noting their return, the publication hints that Legends will take the opportunity to “explore the lore of Mega Evolution” once again.

Speculation Abounds: Waiting for More Details on Pokémon Legends ZA

So far, neither Game Freak nor The Pokémon Company have clarified when they will reveal more about Pokémon Legends ZA.

Their new project is a mystery of which we have only had a teaser, several cryptic clues, the return of lost creatures, and a release window set for 2025 for the Nintendo Switch. Will it also come out on its successor?