“Timeless Travels” Balance Update in Pokémon GO: Key Changes and Strategies

“Timeless Travels” Balance Update in Pokémon GO: Key Changes and Strategies

27. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Pokémon GO’s “Timeless Travels” season introduces significant balance changes, reshaping strategies for the GO Battle League and Championship Series. Let’s delve into these updates and their implications for competitive players.

Boosts to Pokémon Powers: Enhanced Attacks

  • Scald (Water-type charged attack): Increased damage and a higher chance to reduce the opponent’s attack.
    • Beneficiaries: Whiscash now rivals Swampert in the Great League. Poliwrath gains the Icy Wind charged attack.
  • Fighting-type Enhancements:
    • Vigoroth: Gains Rock Slide, countering Flying-types more effectively.
    • Toxicroak: Strengthens its position in the GO Battle League.

Skarmory and Azumarill Upgrades

  • Skarmory: Steel Wing fast attack could reinstate its dominance.
  • Azumarill: Bubble fast attack now inflicts more damage.

Talonflame’s Major Leap


  • Incinerate Attack: Comparable damage to Counter and Dragon Breath with higher energy gain.
  • New Charged Attack: Fly, a better option than Brave Bird.

Strategy Tip: While using Talonflame, be mindful of Incinerate’s longer duration.

Power Reductions in Pokémon: Steelix’s Nerf

  • Breaking Swipe: Only a 50% chance to reduce the opponent’s attack, down from a guarantee.

Other Impacted Pokémon

  • Rayquaza, Rhyperior, and Haxorus: Less effective with the updated Breaking Swipe.

Medicham’s Downgrade

  • Psychic Charged Attack: Now deals less damage, making it a less favorable choice.

Developers’ Goal: These changes aim to reduce the dominance of certain Pokémon in battles.

Indirect Impacts on Other Pokémon


Rise of Electric and Dragon Types

  • Lanturn: More viable due to buffs to Talonflame and Skarmory.
  • Dragon Types: Guzzlord and Dragonair may see increased use.

Toxapex’s Role

  • Countering popular choices like Azumarill and Talonflame.

Navigating the New Competitive Landscape

The “Timeless Travels” update in Pokémon GO brings a fresh dynamic to the competitive scene. Players should adapt their strategies to leverage these changes. The rise of certain Pokémon like Talonflame and the nerfing of others like Medicham call for a strategic rethink in team compositions.