Pokémon GO Sinnoh Tour: A Dual Experience in February 2024

Pokémon GO Sinnoh Tour: A Dual Experience in February 2024

13. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Pokémon GO’s Sinnoh Tour is returning in February 2024, offering trainers a unique dual experience with both in-person and online events. This eagerly awaited event promises an immersive journey into the Sinnoh region, packed with exclusive activities, shiny Pokémon debuts, and special raids.

In-Person Sinnoh Tour: Los Angeles Adventure

  • Location: Rose Bowl Stadium, Los Angeles, California.
  • Dates: February 17-18, 2024, from 9 am to 5 pm local time each day.
  • Tickets: Available now, priced at $30 (early bird $25 until December 31st).
  • Event Perks: Includes boosted shiny odds, free raid passes, and reduced egg hatch distances.

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Online Sinnoh Tour: Global Participation

  • Dates: February 24-25, 2024, from 10 am to 6 pm local time each day.
  • Cost: Free to play globally, without a purchasable event ticket.
  • Bonuses: Includes half hatch distance for eggs, special trades, and reduced Stardust cost for trades.

Shiny Debuts and Special Spawns

  • Shiny Debuts: Stunky, Chingling, Chatot, Carnivine, Pachirisu, Hisuian Voltorb, Electrode, Qwilfish, and Overqwil.
  • Habitats: Four rotating habitats – Bustling Boardwalk, Ancient Grove, Toxic Digs, and Geothermal Lagoon.
  • Special Pikachu: Featuring Lucas’s or Dawn’s Hat in specific habitats.

Raid Bosses: A Mix of Classic and New

  • Five Star Raids: Dialga, Palkia, including Origin Formes.
  • One and Three Star Raids: Featuring various Sinnoh starters and their evolutions.
  • Spacial Anomaly Raids: Last 30 minutes of the in-person event and certain hours of the online event.

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Incense and Eggs

  • Eggs: Sinnoh Pokémon will be featured in Eggs.
  • Incense: Attracts Unown letters spelling ‘Sinnoh’.

Dive Into the Sinnoh Region with Pokémon GO’s Upcoming Tour

The Sinnoh Tour in Pokémon GO offers a comprehensive and thrilling experience for both in-person and online players. Whether you’re battling in raids, hunting for shinies, or participating in habitat-specific activities, the tour provides a vibrant celebration of the Sinnoh region. Don’t miss out on this exciting event in the world of Pokémon GO!