Pokémon GO’s Spooktacular Halloween: Greavard’s Grand Entrance

Pokémon GO’s Spooktacular Halloween: Greavard’s Grand Entrance

18. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Halloween’s eerie ambiance is about to take over the world of Pokémon GO. Niantic, the game’s developer, is gearing up for a spectral celebration, introducing us to the ghostly canine, Greavard.

Greavard Joins the Pokémon GO Roster

With the haunted season nearly upon us, Pokémon trainers worldwide are eager to discover what Niantic has in store. The upcoming Halloween event for 2023 will not only showcase a myriad of ghostly Pokémon but will also herald the much-anticipated debut of Greavard. This ghostly dog from the ninth generation is bound to infuse new life (or should we say, afterlife?) into the game.

Event Duration & Details

pose avatar halloween 2023 pokemon go

According to an official post on Pokémon GO’s blog, Part I of the 2023 Halloween extravaganza is set to begin on October 19th, 10:00 AM local time, wrapping up a week later on October 26th, 10:00 AM local time.

Notably, trainers will have the opportunity to evolve Greavard into Houndstone by gathering 50 candies.

Wild Pokémon Encounters

Prepare to encounter an array of Pokémon in the wild, some of whom might even shimmer with that elusive shiny glow. Pokémon trainers should be on the lookout for:

  • Ekans*
  • Zubat*
  • Alolan Meowth*
  • Gastly*
  • Haunter
  • Spinarak*
  • Misdreavus*
  • Poochyena*
  • Shuppet*
  • Drifloon*
  • Litwick*
  • Phantump*
  • Sandygast

Asterisk denotes potential shiny appearances.

Paid & Free Temporary Research Tasks


Pokémon enthusiasts can opt for a paid temporary research task, priced at $5 USD. This task offers enticing encounters with ghost-type Pokémon like Phantump and dark-type ones such as Alolan Meowth. Plus, participants will be rewarded with a Halloween-themed avatar pose.

On the house, trainers can indulge in two free temporary research tasks:

  1. Ghostly Encounters: Starting from October 19th, 10:00 AM, and concluding on October 31st, 8:00 PM local time, this research focuses on ghost-type Pokémon. Rewards include stardust, Greavard encounters, and other thrilling surprises.
  2. Spiritomb & The 108 Spirits Quest: Coinciding with the first, this task revolves around the enigmatic Spiritomb and its 108 spirits.

Event Bonuses & Boosts

Players can revel in a series of bonuses:

  • Enhanced candies for successful captures with good, great, and excellent throws.
  • Level 31 and above trainers will enjoy extra Candy++ upon hatching eggs.
  • Doubled candies for Pokémon hatches.
  • Additional Candy++ for precise captures.

Enjoy the Halloween!

As October draws near, Pokémon GO trainers should gear up for an immersive experience. With new Pokémon, research tasks, and bonuses, this Halloween promises to be a memorable one. Don’t forget to strategize and make the most of this ghostly season!