Pokémon GO Avatar Update: Niantic Responds to Community Feedback

Pokémon GO Avatar Update: Niantic Responds to Community Feedback

27. April 2024 by Never

Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon GO, has acknowledged the widespread criticism surrounding the recent avatar update and is actively collecting feedback from the community. Despite the backlash, Niantic has not committed to reversing the changes but has assured players that their concerns are being taken seriously.

Backlash Over Avatar Redesign

The controversy began when Niantic rolled out the “Rediscover Pokémon GO” update on April 17, introducing revamped avatars with additional customization options. While some aspects of the update were well-received, many players expressed strong dissatisfaction with the new character models, labeling the update as “visual doomsday” for Pokémon GO.


Niantic’s Response

In response to the community’s outcry, Niantic has reached out to players for feedback on the avatar changes. An anonymous high-ranking Niantic employee stated that they are compiling and sharing all feedback with the Product Team responsible for the Avatar system. This move reassures players that their opinions are being heard and considered.

Niantic’s Response to Avatar System Feedback in Pokémon GO

Despite Niantic’s commitment to listening to player feedback, there are no guarantees that the avatar system will be reverted or altered in response to the criticism. Niantic has not made promises regarding future updates but has emphasized that they are taking the community’s feedback seriously.

Addressing Concerns: Niantic’s Response and the Future of Pokémon GO

While Niantic’s acknowledgment of player concerns is a positive step, Pokémon GO players should remain patient for further developments. The fate of the avatar system remains uncertain, but Niantic’s receptiveness to feedback suggests a willingness to address community concerns in future updates.