Pokémon GO Surprises Players with Another Avatar Change Without Notice

Pokémon GO Surprises Players with Another Avatar Change Without Notice

6. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Pokémon GO has once again changed player avatars without warning. Better or worse?

The new avatar customization system in Pokémon GO sparked significant controversy. The updated models disrupted the aesthetics of previously used accessories and options, leading to widespread calls for a rollback.

Niantic has taken note and appears to be attempting to address the issues, as evidenced by the latest unexpected changes in Pokémon GO.

Sudden Changes in Player Avatars

Overnight, player avatars have undergone another transformation. Skin tones, shapes, and overall appearance have all been altered, though not as drastically as during the initial update. While the previous state hasn’t been fully restored, it seems Niantic is striving to improve the results. Here is an example:

All users are noticing that their avatars have suddenly changed again, although there is still much to be done to satisfy everyone, as some colors appear to have been incorrectly implemented.

pokemon go april 17 2024 avatar update key art sad anime pikachu composite

Player Reactions

Players have had mixed reactions to these changes:

  • “Mine looks burnt.”
  • “My character seems less flat.”
  • “Now there are more curves.”

Additionally, some are experiencing graphical errors that render their avatars in red.

Preparing for Personalized PokéStops

As you check out your updated Pokémon GO avatars, take the opportunity to get ready for the upcoming personalized PokéStop feature.

Cambio Avatares Pokemon GO 1 720x416

Key Points:

  • Niantic made changes to player avatars without notifying users.
  • New updates altered skin tones, shapes, and overall appearance.
  • Player feedback has been mixed, with some experiencing graphical issues.
  • Niantic is preparing to launch personalized PokéStops.

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The latest update in Pokémon GO has introduced new changes to player avatars without prior notice, resulting in varied feedback from the community. While Niantic is working on improvements, it is clear that more adjustments are needed to satisfy all players.