Pokémon Continues to Break Records: Franchise Surpasses 480 Million Games Sold

Pokémon Continues to Break Records: Franchise Surpasses 480 Million Games Sold

24. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

both video game sales and the trading card game (TCG). According to corporate listings from The Pokémon Company, Pokémon video games have now sold over 480 million units as of March 2024.

Simultaneously, the company and its partners have printed over 64.8 billion Pokémon TCG cards. Compared to the figures from March 2023, this represents an increase of 10 million game units and 11.9 billion TCG cards.

Unprecedented Growth in TCG

The Pokémon TCG’s growth is particularly impressive. The 11.9 billion cards printed in the last year alone account for 18% of all official TCG printings ever. This underscores the game’s ongoing popularity and The Pokémon Company’s efforts to meet demand while addressing issues such as product shortages and scalping.

Retailers and platforms like GameStop and eBay are also capitalizing on this growth, with GameStop unveiling a new business plan focused on Pokémon, and eBay partnering with PSA to streamline the process of selling and grading cards for collectors.

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Sustained Success in Video Games

On the video game front, despite the absence of a major new release since Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in November 2022, the franchise continues to thrive.

The sales momentum has been maintained primarily by Scarlet and Violet and their downloadable content (DLC), propelling these titles closer to becoming some of the best-selling in the series. Detective Pikachu Returns also contributed to the sales figures, though to a lesser extent.


Dominating the Gaming Industry

With the updated total of 480 million units sold, Pokémon firmly holds its position as the second best-selling video game franchise of all time. It significantly outpaces other major franchises such as Call of Duty, which has sold 400 million units, and Grand Theft Auto, with 335 million units.

Pokémon remains behind only the Mario and Tetris franchises. Mario boasts an impressive 835 million units sold across all games featuring the character, though the Super Mario flagship series alone has sold 430 million units, trailing Pokémon. Tetris’s total sales, which include paid mobile apps, range from 495 to 520 million units, making it the only franchise potentially ahead of Pokémon.

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The Pokémon franchise continues to demonstrate its unparalleled success and growth in both the video game and trading card markets. With over 480 million games sold and nearly 65 billion TCG cards printed, Pokémon remains a dominant force in the entertainment industry, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide.