Pokémon Imposes Lifetime Ban on Spanish VGC Player Len Over Meme Incident

Pokémon Imposes Lifetime Ban on Spanish VGC Player Len Over Meme Incident

15. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a move that has stirred significant controversy within the Pokémon community, The Pokémon Company has issued a lifetime ban to Spanish VGC player Álex Soto, widely recognized as Len, allegedly over tweets referencing a meme.


Spain is renowned for its contribution of top-tier players to the competitive Pokémon scene. However, despite this, The Pokémon Company’s recent actions have been perceived as detrimental to the Spanish Pokémon community.

The latest individual to face repercussions, as revealed through his social media platforms, is Álex Soto, known as Len, a prominent player affiliated with the Esportmaniacos club.

Ban Announcement

Len took to social media to announce his permanent ban from official Pokémon competitions, citing online threats as the reason behind the ban.

“Today, I was informed that I have been permanently banned from Pokémon’s official competitions,” he stated before elaborating that “the reason is related to online threats.”

According to Len, these online threats referenced by Pokémon are linked to tweets he posted a few days prior. In these tweets, the player mentioned that if any of his Pokémon were banned again in a competition, he would “bombard The Pokémon Company.”

“In the first place, I apologize if anyone interpreted it literally; it was not my intention at all. It’s a common Spanish ‘meme’ that aims to humorously address an impossible situation,” Len explained.

Community Response

The Spanish Pokémon community, known for its strong bonds within the esports landscape, has united in protest and efforts to address the unjust situation facing Len.

Hatterene main

Hopes are high that these protests will lead to a reconsideration by The Pokémon Company. Len’s loss would undoubtedly deal a significant blow to the competitive Pokémon world. We extend our full support to the player during this challenging time.

Too Much?

The decision to issue a lifetime ban to Len over a meme-related incident has sparked widespread debate and dissatisfaction within the Pokémon community. As discussions continue, it remains to be seen whether The Pokémon Company will reassess their stance on the matter. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing situation.

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