PlayStation to Compete with Switch 2 with a New PSP Capable of Running PS4 Games

PlayStation to Compete with Switch 2 with a New PSP Capable of Running PS4 Games

20. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Sony is reportedly gearing up for a return to the portable console market with a new PSP designed to run PS4 games, potentially setting the stage for a direct competition with the anticipated Nintendo Switch 2.

This news comes from Anton Logvinov, a reliable Russian journalist known for accurately predicting Sony’s move to launch games on PC several years ago.

A Competitive Market Resurgence

The handheld console market, recently invigorated by the dominance of the Nintendo Switch, might soon see a new contender from Sony.

Following rumors of a potential portable device from Microsoft, Logvinov’s latest revelation suggests that Sony is preparing to re-enter the market with a new PSP. This device would leverage PS4’s game library, creating a direct competitor for Nintendo’s upcoming Switch 2.


Details from a Reliable Source

In a recent post on his Telegram channel, Logvinov claimed,I can confirm that Sony is preparing to launch a new PSP. The launch catalog includes only PS4 games, which are generally available on PC and thus on Steam Deck.” Although specifics about the hardware and release date are still under wraps, this statement has generated significant buzz.

Retail Skepticism and Strategic Secrecy

Logvinov also mentioned that retailers have shown skepticism towards this strategy. He hinted that Sony might be keeping additional details or surprises under wraps, possibly to prevent leaks or to ensure a competitive edge at launch. “Stores are quite skeptical about this strategy, so the company might be hiding some secrets from their partners,” he added.

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An Exciting Time for Portable Gaming

This rumor surfaces at a fascinating time, given the recent buzz around the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2. Since the launch of the PS Vita in 2011, PlayStation has been absent from the portable console market.

The closest they’ve come recently is the PlayStation Portal, which borrows concepts familiar to Wii U users. It remains unclear whether the new PSP will be strictly portable or adopt a hybrid design like the Switch.

Credibility and Anticipation

Given Logvinov’s track record, his claims carry weight, adding to the excitement and speculation within the gaming community. If Sony is indeed planning to re-enter the portable console market, this move could reignite competition with Nintendo, reminiscent of past console wars.

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As the gaming world awaits more concrete details, the potential launch of a new PSP capable of running PS4 games positions Sony for a significant return to the portable console market. Whether this will directly challenge the Nintendo Switch 2 remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the handheld gaming scene is poised for an exciting shake-up.