Playing Classic Video Games on Bitcoin: Embracing Retro Gaming in the Digital Age

Playing Classic Video Games on Bitcoin: Embracing Retro Gaming in the Digital Age

26. February 2024 by Never

In a digital era dominated by services and digital content, preserving classic video games has become increasingly challenging. However, the Ordinals protocol has introduced a groundbreaking solution, allowing users to register more than 50 million pieces of content, including fully playable video games, on the Bitcoin blockchain over the past year.

This alternative to NFTs enables users to record games and applications on the world’s most famous blockchain, effectively preserving them as long as the decentralized network exists.

The Preservation of Classic Games

For many, this innovation represents a means of ensuring the survival of classic games in an age where digital games are frequently removed from sale and become difficult to access. Others view it simply as a cool or entertaining feature. Regardless of perception, the reality is that now, players can enjoy certain classic games that operate on Bitcoin.

Recreations and Emulators

While none of these web games are officially endorsed by their original developers, there are some remarkably well-made recreations available. One recent and potentially expansive option is a complete classic video game console, or at least a digital recreation of it. Pizza Ninja, a Bitcoin Ordinals project by the team behind the Ninjalerts app, announced in January 2024 that they had recorded a custom Super Nintendo emulator on Bitcoin.

Following the success of the Super Nintendo emulator, the Ninjalerts team utilized Ordinals’ new compression technology to incorporate a Nintendo 64 emulator into Bitcoin. Similarly, owners of Pizza Ninja profile pictures (PFPs) will have access to the on-chain version of the emulator, provided they supply their own digital game copies to play.

Playable Classics on Bitcoin

Several fully playable games have been registered on Bitcoin, offering an array of nostalgic experiences for players. Notable examples include:

  • Pac-Man: Offering a pristine recreation of the arcade classic, along with the sequel Ms. Pac-Man and an unofficial Cookie-Man version inspired by the Sesame Street character Cookie Monster.
  • Tetris: A nearly perfect video game known for its simple mechanics and challenging pace, now available on Bitcoin for free play.
  • Doom: Although not a direct port of the original, this game bears resemblance to the influential first-person shooter from id Software.
  • Zork: One of the earliest influential video games, offering a text-based adventure that provides a compelling atmosphere through text on a black screen.

Preserving Gaming History: Bitcoin’s Role in Reviving Classic Video Games

Through the Ordinals protocol, Bitcoin has become a platform where classic video games are not only preserved but also made accessible to a new generation of players. This initiative marks a significant step in the preservation of gaming history and the celebration of retro gaming in the digital age.