Players rather have cheaters than anti-cheat update for CS2

Players rather have cheaters than anti-cheat update for CS2

4. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

The beta of Counter-Strike is still very young and there were already the first cheats, where players fall through the ground to an invisible level. There was also already the first wallhack that could be activated with a console command. However, the anti-cheat patch for Counter-Strike 2 has now made players despair and they are begging Valve to undo it.

With this patch, the shots look inaccurate, as if they hit somewhere else. This should make it harder for cheaters to manipulate the trajectory of bullets and develop cheats.

Anti-cheat changes bullet seed

The March 30 Counter-Strike 2 patch may have sparked more debate than intended, as fans are now imploring Valve to reverse the “desynchronized” bullet-seed changes introduced with the update. CS2 made the actual bullets and tracers be more accurate to each other, this made it easier to track your own recoil and adjust, if needed. The latest update reversed this change and made them resemble CS:GO again, most of the BETA-players aren’t too happy about it that!

Petition to sync bullet tracers. No more cut backs for cheaters (Explanation in the thread)
byu/SKGamingReturn inGlobalOffensive

With the late-March update, Valve readjusted the bullet seeds to be closer to CS:GO’s style, interestingly the new behaviour of CS2 was very welcome and it seems like most players would rather keep it the way it was and move on from the CS:GO tracers. They even organized a “petition” on Reddit asking Valve to revert the latest tracer-update and go back to the new CS2 style.

Why is the bullet behavior being changed?

The reason for Valve’s change is simple: the developers are concerned that brazen cheaters could exploit the new bullet behavior in CS2. However, players claim that the feature doesn’t have much impact on cheaters’ gaming experience. Some others said that its the way it was in CS2 made the game noob friendlier, it’s easier to see where you shoot and how recoil impacts your accuracy. Without the CS2 tracers this part of the game is way harder to master! However, as it turns out, Valve might actually have a good reason for reintroducing the old spray behavior: The patch is meant to counter cheats like the video below.

These desynchronized bullet seeds are meant to ensure that CS players can’t use spread cheats that destroy other players, while remaining completely unnoticeable to everyone else. Valve has incorporated this anti-cheat to ensure that players can’t manipulate the spread of their weapons, and it seems to be working pretty darn well. Because CS2 is still in beta, we’ll likely see countless tweaks to settings and anti-cheats to figure out what works best. We can only hope that Valve can make sure that cheating in CS2 stops as soon as possible, and that players don’t use any of their tweaks to the anti-cheat system