Guide to Understanding the Recent Changes to League of Legends’ Pings and Their Impact on In-game Toxicity

Guide to Understanding the Recent Changes to League of Legends’ Pings and Their Impact on In-game Toxicity

12. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

1. Riot Games and the Toxicity Challenge in the Game

League of Legends, the renowned MOBA developed by Riot Games, has undergone several adjustments with the primary goal of minimizing in-game toxicity. However, the most recent changes, specifically in the ping system, seem to have ignited frustration among the community.

2. The Paradox of Version 12.19

With the launch of patch 12.19, Riot Games aimed primarily at reducing toxicity by revising the chat and ping system. Unfortunately, far from creating a healthier atmosphere, players discovered innovative ways to antagonize their teammates.

3. The 2.0 Ping Wheel in Patch 12.20

In response to mixed reactions from the community, Riot Games decided to implement more changes in patch 12.20. The ping wheel was modified to prevent misuse. However, these adjustments appear to have further complicated communication among players.

4. The Complexity and Vitality of Communication in LoL

What sets League of Legends apart from other games is its combination of skill, mechanics, and above all, player communication. The ping wheel readjustment seems to have overlooked the significance of the latter, causing frustration even among professional players.

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5. Confounding Changes

The recent tweaks have led to the elimination and reorganization of several pings. Instead of simplifying, these changes have added layers of complexity when conveying crucial information.

For instance, now, after a kill or assist, alerts about allies on the scoreboard are visible to the team. Pings like “bait” have been replaced, and others, like “clear vision,” have completely vanished.

6. Unintended Consequences

These changes, besides complicating communication, have left champions with global abilities, such as Karthus, Shen, Ashe, or Ezreal, at a disadvantage by not efficiently conveying their status.

The wheel’s adjustment has led to confusion, especially when trying to alert teammates about the enemy’s vision in specific areas.

7. Solution or Complication?

Despite efforts to reduce negative behaviors, it seems the community perceives these adjustments more as a problem than as a solution. Players have voiced their disapproval of the changes, and new forms of toxic behavior have emerged.

Final Recommendations

Riot Games needs to actively listen to its community and be flexible in its decisions. Communication is a fundamental pillar in League of Legends esports and League of Legends Worlds, and any change affecting it can profoundly impact the gameplay experience.