The Ultimate Guide to Picking Your Team at The International

The Ultimate Guide to Picking Your Team at The International

9. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the world of eSports, The International stands as a grand coliseum where legends are forged. Emotionally connecting with a team can heighten this exhilarating experience. While there’s a multitude of teams that have made their mark, we spotlight a few that have engraved their legacies in the annals of The International’s rich history. Let’s dive into these teams and discover what makes them resonate so powerfully.

Team Spirit: The Safe Bet

team spirit

Emerging victorious in the most grandiose International two years ago, Team Spirit seemed to have taken a hiatus, only to make a spectacular comeback recently with consecutive triumphs at Riyadh Master and DreamLeague Season 21. Their allure? Their uncanny knack to transform losing situations into winning spectacles. When the odds stack against them, Team Spirit shifts their game from Chess to Poker, masterfully bluffing their way to miraculous victories. Is it mere luck or pure skill? That remains to be seen at this year’s International.

Gaimin Gladiators: The Safer Bet?

gaming gladiators

Traditionally, teams that outshine their competitors throughout the season find themselves underperforming at The International. Gaimin Gladiators, despite clinching the BetBoom Dacha, faced unanticipated defeats in major tournaments like DreamLeague. With fatigue possibly creeping in, they need to regain their prime form to clinch the title.

Azure Ray & Shopify Rebellion: Most Deserving

azure rayshopify

Judging by their significant contributions to the game’s lore, Azure Ray and Shopify Rebellion would be neck and neck for the Aegis. These legends have demonstrated unmatched prowess for years but have yet to seize the ultimate glory. While Azure Ray’s performance in the CN qualifiers turned heads, Shopify Rebellion’s transformation from being underdogs to DreamLeague finalists is noteworthy. Both teams have come tantalizingly close to victory in the past, making them fan favorites.

Team Liquid: The Enigmatic Contender

team liquid 1

Finding themselves in the peculiar spot of frequently finishing as runner-ups, Team Liquid’s remarkable consistency showcases their dedication and talent. Yet, to be heralded as champions, they may need to integrate an element of unpredictability into their game. With attempts to deviate from their tried-and-tested strategies at DreamLeague proving unsuccessful, Team Liquid stands at a crossroads. Will they remain in the shadows or finally emerge into the limelight?

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