European Apex Legends Team Makes History with Majority-Female Roster in Pro League

European Apex Legends Team Makes History with Majority-Female Roster in Pro League

29. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

For the first time in Apex Legends esports history, Phoenix Legacy, a European team, has broken new ground by competing with a majority-female roster in the SLHD.

Kornelia “Sabz” Zawistowska and Kyri “Kyri” Taha, alongside David “AlphaDraft” Ciura, have not only made history but also demonstrated formidable skill, securing a commendable ninth place in the competition.

Significant Milestone:

  • Historic Roster: Sabz and Kyri’s inclusion in Phoenix Legacy marks a significant shift towards gender diversity in the ALGS.
  • Accomplishment: The team outperformed several competitors, including week one winners Element 6.

Community and Industry Recognition

The achievement of Sabz and Kyri has garnered attention and praise within the Apex Legends community. Their performances were particularly noted by notable figures in the esports world.

Sabz Split 2 Playoffs ALGS 2023

Industry Reactions:

  • Luminosity Gaming’s “WeThePeople”: Praised Sabz and Kyri for leading the way in gender representation.
  • NiceWigg: Hailed the duo as “demons” in recognition of their exceptional skills.

Overcoming Challenges and Team Synergy

Despite it being Kyri’s debut in the ALGS, Phoenix Legacy showcased remarkable teamwork, facing and overcoming challenges such as tough zone pulls and internet outages.

Team Dynamics:

  • Kyri’s Role: Brought proactive communication and strategies as a fragger.
  • Sabz’s Contribution: Played a pivotal role as Wattson, anchoring the team.

TSM’s Women-Only Team and Broader Impact

Sabz’s involvement in TSM’s women-only team, launched in January 2023, is a part of a broader movement to encourage tier-one organizations to invest in women’s Apex Legends. This initiative has been gaining traction, with teams like Luminosity Gaming entering the fray with women-only rosters.

Expanding Women’s Participation:

  • Women’s Teams: Growing investment in dedicated women’s teams and tournament circuits.
  • Capivara: An all-female team from South America competing in the regional circuit.


Looking to the Future

Year Four of ALGS is just the beginning for these trailblazing women. With Kyri hinting at a future signing and both athletes continuing to compete in the EMEA region, the future looks promising for increased female representation in esports.

Continued Participation:

  • Upcoming Competitions: Both Sabz and Kyri are set to participate in Split One of the EMEA region.
  • Potential for Growth: The success of Phoenix Legacy’s roster could inspire more teams to embrace gender diversity.

A Landmark Achievement in Apex Legends Esports

The story of Sabz, Kyri, and Phoenix Legacy is not just about making history; it’s about opening doors and setting new standards in the esports industry. Their journey serves as an inspiration, heralding a more inclusive future in competitive gaming.