PGL Wallachia Update: Tundra Esports Disqualified, OG Declines, MOUZ Steps In

PGL Wallachia Update: Tundra Esports Disqualified, OG Declines, MOUZ Steps In

7. May 2024 by Never

In a series of developments leading up to PGL Wallachia Season 1, changes in the participant lineup have occurred, leaving Tundra Esports disqualified, OG declining their invitation, and MOUZ stepping in to take their place.

Tundra Esports Disqualification

Tundra Esports faced disqualification from PGL Wallachia due to visa complications. Despite PGL extending multiple deadlines, Tundra failed to secure necessary visas by the final cutoff on May 6. The tournament’s location in Bucharest, Romania, potentially posed challenges, especially for Tundra’s players from Russia. With key members unable to obtain visas, Tundra’s participation became untenable.

OG’s Declined Invitation

OG, as the runner-up in the WEU qualifier, was initially poised to replace Tundra in PGL Wallachia. However, OG opted to decline the invitation due to personal reasons, including planned events and the need for rest, as mentioned by team member Adrián “Wisper” Dobles.

MOUZ Takes the Spot

In light of Tundra and OG’s absence, MOUZ emerged as the next contender to attend PGL Wallachia. MOUZ, formerly mouseesports, boasts a seasoned history in competitive Dota. This tournament marks MOUZ’s debut LAN event with the following roster:

  • Stefan “Ulnit” Gavrila
  • Ondřej “Supream^” Štarha
  • Nikko “Force” Bilocura
  • Ravdan “NARMAN” Narmandakh
  • Jonathan “Bengan” Hansson

As they step into the tournament, MOUZ aims to make a strong impression in their inaugural Dota LAN appearance at PGL Wallachia.

Exciting Action Ahead: MOUZ Joins PGL Wallachia Season 1 Lineup

Stay tuned for updates and action from PGL Wallachia Season 1 as MOUZ takes their place in the competitive lineup.