Pentakills Dominate the Play-in Phase of Worlds 2023

Pentakills Dominate the Play-in Phase of Worlds 2023

14. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The 2023 League of Legends World Championship has proven to be one of the most electrifying so far. Fans have witnessed moments full of emotion, and in just four days of competition, three pentakills have already been achieved. This is quite unusual, showcasing the intensity and skill of the players in this tournament.

Unexpected Pentakills

Fans who had bet on a low number of pentakills in their Pick’Em probably weren’t expecting this explosive start. One might think that these feats are due to a level imbalance, but the truth is we’ve seen marksmen at their peak, capable of dominating team fights.

The Surprise of GAM Esports

GAM Esports, alongside Rainbow7, DFM, and Team BDS, provided a spectacle in yesterday’s games. Despite expectations, the Vietnamese champions from GAM showed superior gameplay, leaving Rainbow7 without options. It was in this clash where the first pentakill of the day with Xayah was achieved, leading their team to a crushing victory.

Team BDS Shows No Mercy

On the other hand, Team BDS showcased their dominance over DFM, who couldn’t overcome the challenges they faced. In this scenario, Crownie, also wielding Xayah, gifted us the second pentakill of the day, making it clear that Team BDS is all in for this tournament.

What’s Next?

The tournament continues, and the excitement doesn’t stop. Teams like PSG Talon and Team Whales await in the upcoming rounds, and they’re surely matches no one will want to miss.

And This is Just the Play-In!

Although the League of Legends World Championship always promises surprises, this start with three pentakills tells us that this year will be special. Teams are showing a high level of play, and team fights are more intense than ever. Don’t miss out, because this Worlds 2023 promises to be historic.