Pax Dei: A Decade-Long Medieval Fantasy MMORPG Journey

Pax Dei: A Decade-Long Medieval Fantasy MMORPG Journey

14. November 2023 by Never

Mainframe Industries: Pioneering the MMORPG Landscape with Pax Dei

Pax Dei, a medieval fantasy MMORPG, is the latest venture from Mainframe Industries, harnessing the expertise of veterans from EVE Online and Remedy. The game invites players into a mythical medieval realm, brimming with legends come to life.

The Birth of a New Era in MMORPG

Founded in 2019, Mainframe Industries boasts a team of over 60 employees, including 13 veteran founders with roots in CCP and Remedy. Players will explore the vast Central Lands, where building and nurturing a home is as vital as forging alliances and gearing up for battle.

Building and Survival: A Player’s Responsibility

In Pax Dei, players must craft clothing, buildings, food, flowers, and more to thrive within a collaborative community.

A Blend of Combat and Strategy

Players can join clans, choose weapons, and select materials for their gear. However, venturing into the perilous Wild Lands requires caution and strategic planning.

The Essence of Interaction in Pax Dei

Reynir Hardarson, director of Pax Dei, emphasizes the game’s focus on human interaction and social bonds formed through collaborative gameplay.

A World Shaped by Players

Pétur Örn Þórarinsson, the lead designer, envisions players leaving their mark on the game world, similar to Satisfactory and Valheim. The objective is to create a world where even the smallest player actions are discoverable by others.

The Unique Construction Mechanics

In Pax Dei, players can acquire land for building, share or relocate their creations, and even reclaim resources from abandoned structures. The game also accommodates players returning after a hiatus.
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The Community’s Role in Shaping Pax Dei

With servers hosting up to 7,000 players and a map spanning over 300 square kilometers, player unity and collaboration are key to thriving in Pax Dei.

Player-Driven Civilizations and Markets

Pax Dei’s focus is not on solo play but on the civilization that surrounds the player. Whether it’s trading in markets or forging alliances, player interaction forms the core of the game experience.

A Lore-Rich World Waiting to be Discovered

The world of Pax Dei, consisting of regions like Gallia, Gothia, Iberia, and Anatolia, is rich in lore and mysteries, waiting to be uncovered by players.

The Promise of a Never-Ending World

Mainframe Industries envisions Pax Dei as a project spanning decades, continuously evolving and expanding, with players at its heart.

Pax Dei: More Than Just a Game

From the technical requirements for the alpha phase to the game’s launch on Steam, Pax Dei is set to be a groundbreaking entry in the MMORPG genre.

Cross-Platform and Monetization Strategy

Pax Dei will be playable on any screen with an internet connection, thanks to streaming capabilities and Unreal Engine 5. The game steers clear of NFTs and Blockchain, focusing on a player-friendly monetization model.

“Pax Dei: Mainframe Industries’ Visionary Leap into the Future of MMORPGs”

Pax Dei stands as a testament to Mainframe Industries’ ambition and dedication, promising an immersive and evolving MMORPG experience. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, player-driven world, and commitment to longevity, Pax Dei is poised to redefine the genre for decades to come.