Paper Rex develops a subscription service for its fans

Paper Rex develops a subscription service for its fans

19. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, we have seen how many esports organizations are concerned about being increasingly connected with all their fans. Paper Rex is the latest organization to join this movement, which has created a subscription service for their fans.

Paper Rex subscription service

According to information published by Paper Rex, the organization has developed a subscription service for all its fans. This new subscription service aims for all organization players to communicate with their followers easily. Best of all, a launch date for the Paper Rex subscription service is already known.

Paper Rax Subscription Service Details

According to the information revealed by Paper Rex, the launch of the subscription service will be released in a few days, specifically on September 23. In addition, the organization has informed that all fans will have exclusive access to special material through its YouTube channel. On the other hand, it has been informed that the monthly subscription will cost $5.

Benefits of Paper Rex’s subscription service

Paper Rex has released a video presentation of its new subscription service. According to what we could see in the video, all fans will be able to see a lot of exclusive material, such as behind-the-scenes footage of tournaments. In addition, fans can see how the players communicate with each other on match days. But that’s not all. Fans will also enjoy much more entertaining footage of the players and staff that are part of the organization.

It is important to note that this subscription service focuses only on videos created by the organization. It is completely different from the Sentinels’ Sen Society service that offers its subscribers products and special access to the players.

Fan membership service

More affiliate services are emerging as esports organizations explore different ways to interact with their fans and study how to monetize their loyalty. Every day, more and more organizations are looking at how to stay afloat with the help of their fans, especially in this period of the year known as the “winter of esports,” where sponsorship possibilities and investor funding have already dried up.

The affiliate service undoubtedly provides esports organizations with monthly funding from their fan base, which can be advantageous for a small esports organization like Paper Rex. This organization only has one staff representing them in VALORANT esports, unlike much larger ones like Team Liquid or Sentinels. On the other hand, let’s remember that Paper Rex is a relatively young organization.

This esports organization was created by Counter-Strike 1.6 legend Harley “dsn” Rwall in July 2020. For its part, Paper Rex had a great season this season at the 2023 VCT. The team took second place in the tournament at VALORANT Champions 2023 in Los Angeles after placing in the top three at the VCT Masters in Tokyo and taking the VCT Pacific title.