Palworld Unveils New Pals, a Fresh Island, and Exciting Content in Summer Update

Palworld Unveils New Pals, a Fresh Island, and Exciting Content in Summer Update

1. May 2024 by Never

Palworld has announced a thrilling summer update, promising exciting additions including new Pals and an entire new island to explore. Revealed at the ID@Xbox showcase on April 29, this update showcases captivating features set to arrive in the coming months.

Exploring the New Island

The highlight of the upcoming update is the introduction of a brand-new Palworld island, themed around Japan in springtime. This picturesque setting features cherry blossom trees showering petals and areas adorned with shrines and torii gates, offering players a stunning backdrop for their adventures.

Meet the New Pals

Palworld’s summer update introduces a delightful array of new Pals. Among them is a frog donning classical samurai attire and practicing swordplay, a stylishly dressed bird, a unique creature blending features of a dinosaur and a mushroom, and another mystical fox-like companion.

While details such as names and abilities are yet to be revealed, these new Pals promise to bring fresh excitement to the game.

What to Expect

According to Pocketpair’s roadmap updates, the summer update will not only introduce new scenery and Pals but also feature additional buildings, weapons, and potential bosses. While the anticipated PvP Arena won’t debut in this update as originally hinted, fans can look forward to its release later in 2024.

Palworld Continues to Thrive with Over 1.3 Billion Hours Played Since Launch

Despite the delay in certain features, Palworld continues to captivate players, having amassed over 1.3 billion hours of gameplay since its January launch. With Raid Bosses already in the mix, the forthcoming summer update is poised to deliver an immersive experience that builds on the game’s success.