Overwatch 2: Community Discontent over New Content

Overwatch 2: Community Discontent over New Content

15. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Overwatch 2 has faced recent criticisms over how its latest content has been presented. While complaints in the gaming world seem commonplace, in this case, there are legitimate concerns behind the voice of the community.

Why the Controversy?

Overwatch 2, developed by Blizzard, has been under fire for its most recent content pack. Fans eagerly anticipated the Moira skin inspired by Lilith from Diablo 4 and a new Pharah skin based on the Inarius theme. However, these coveted skins are not available individually. Instead, they are bundled in a package priced at €39.99.


More Than Just Paid Content

At first glance, this package might appear as the typical “battle pass” associated with a season. It includes 20 level jumps, access to the premium battle of the season, 7200 Overwatch coins, and other add-ons like sprays for Inarius and Lilith. But the catch is that, despite the presence of in-game coins, when trying to redeem certain skins, premium currency is required.

The Monetization Dilemma

Blizzard seems to have taken a route that pushes players to purchase larger bundles, rather than allowing them to select specific content. Striking the right balance when it comes to monetizing content in video games is tricky, and it seems Blizzard has stumbled this time.

Content monetization management has been a thorny ground for many developers, and neither Activision nor Blizzard have been immune to such controversies. It’s surprising, considering that Overwatch had sailed relatively smoothly in this regard, compared to its successor, Overwatch 2.

The Community Speaks!

The community is an essential part of any video game. Listening to and adapting to their concerns is crucial for long-term success. As Overwatch 2 continues its trajectory on consoles like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and PC, it will be essential for Blizzard to reflect on its content strategy and find ways to keep its player base satisfied.