Overwatch: Ex Oblivione wins finals of Run It Back Europe

Overwatch: Ex Oblivione wins finals of Run It Back Europe

28. December 2022 by Andrew Williams

As 2022 draws to a close, the final Overwatch competitions are slowly winding down. In the Overwatch Contenders 2022 Run It Back: Europe, the best European teams participated. We were able to follow the progress of our Belgian member of Twitsed Minds: Manuel “Ken” Demir.

In the first group, the teams could do nothing against the supremacy of Ox Oblivione, led by Dutchman Timber “kraandop” Rensen. The team did not lose a single game and finished the group stage 10-0.

After their third-place finish in the group stage, Ken and his Saudi team failed to qualify for the quarterfinals of the playoffs. After a defeat against Team Peps, the team dropped to the lower bracket.

On the other side of the upper bracket, Ex Oblivione made short work of their opponents: 3-0 against Shu’s Money Crew EU in the quarterfinals and 3-1 against Young and Beautiful. Thus, they rose to the finals of the upper bracket, a duel against Team Peps. In that topper, Ex Oblivione’s players achieved a simple 3-0 victory.

Twisted Minds, meanwhile, had their backs against the wall. They won first against O1 Esports, 3-1. But Ken and his teammates could not make the difference in the decisive moments against Young and Beautiful, they lost 3-2. There the journey of our compatriot stopped, despite a good start to the competition.

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Young and Beautiful was solid in this lower bracket. The team took on Team Peps to determine which team could join Ex Oblivione in the grand final. The close match turned out in Team Peps’ favor: 3-2.

This final was hardly a competitive match, as Ex Oblivione had so dominated the competition. The favorites maintained control of the match and won 4-0 without any problems.

Thus, the league’s best team was awarded the final victory. The winners split the sum of $35,000. All eyes are now on 2023, which promises to be an exciting year for both the favorites and the underdogs