Overwatch 2: What do Mischief & Magic consist of in the game?

Overwatch 2: What do Mischief & Magic consist of in the game?

26. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The summer games have ended in Overwatch 2. However, players need not worry. The game developers have launched a new arcade event, “Mischief & Magic.”

Mischief & Magic event details

The new event, which kicked off yesterday, July 25, incorporates the hunting arcade mode with a fantasy role-playing theme from the game’s fifth season. This new event will be available for a limited time.

Players who want to participate in the Mischief & Magic event must complete 50,000XP of the battle pass to get their hands on the Epic-quality Ana Spiritist skin.

It is important to note that the Mischief & Magic event will last slightly over two weeks. The event ends on August 10, just the day Season 10 of the game ends and Overwatch 2: Invasion begins. After that point, players will no longer be able to advance in the Season Battle Pass.

Mischief & Magic game mode

Mischief & Magic is the event that is related to the end of Overwatch 2 season 10. This event is a fantastic option where teams of five players must face off in hunting matches on the Overland map, a scaled-down version of Blizzard World.

In this game mode, one of the teams can hide, and the other can search. All hunting players are Genji, while the hidden players can use Magic to transform into various objects.

The team of Genji players must locate and fight all Kiriko players to win the round. Importantly, the hidden players act as props within the map. Each round has a timer that occasionally requires Kiriko players to use a voice line. In this way, the opponents can find out where they are hiding.

However, Kiriko players can stun opponents, making it much more difficult for them to locate them. In addition, the hidden players can run away and change their form after stunning their opponents.

To win the game, a team must achieve victory in three rounds. Each of these rounds has a duration of 2 minutes. After two minutes, each team switches sides, which means you must do something completely different each round.

Challenges and rewards of the Mischief & Magic event

As mentioned before, the event will be available until August 10. At this time, players must reach five levels totaling 50,000XP. Upon completing the maximum level, players get the following:

  • Four different player icons
  • A weapon amulet
  • Two voice lines
  • One Epic Spiritwarder from Ana

The Paragon of Mischief challenge rewards players with Ana’s Epic Spiritwarder appearance, arguably the most valuable item of the event. Importantly, four of the event’s challenges only require you to play. At the same time, the other two levels require you to invest time in the Mischief & Magic arcade mode. So completing this event will not be too difficult a task.