Overwatch 2: We meet Torbjörn’s wife

Overwatch 2: We meet Torbjörn’s wife

29. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Since the release of Overwatch 2, all fans of the title have enjoyed Torbjörn Lindholm, better known as the game’s engineer. Since then and over the years, the mythology of the game’s universe has often referred to his family.

Torb’s daughter, Brigitte, was also included as a playable support hero in Overwatch 2 to make the game a family affair. On the other hand, we have that Torbjörn Lindholm is a very good friend of Reinhardt, a very important tank hero of the game.

Of course, the game developers have referenced Torbjörn Lindholm’s wife for years in both Overwatch and Overwatch 2. For example, Torbjörn’s wife is mentioned when the woman gave birth to the engineer’s daughter; while he was on an adventure to save the world.

Torbjörn’s wife

For those fans of the game who still don’t know Brigitte’s mother and Torbjörn’s wife, we introduce Ingrid Lindholm. Ingrid Lindholm has been mentioned several times in the heroes’ dialogues and has made brief appearances in the game when the title developers try to explain the characters’ lineage.

Overwatch Ingrid Lindholm Brigitte Mother

All about Ingrid Lindholm

Ingrid Lindholm is first named a few years ago in the comic book “Tracer: Reflections.” In that first appearance of Ingrid, we could see how the family spent quality time at Christmas time. The whole issue of the comic book showed all the characters performing typical activities of the season.

On that occasion, we could see a small display of affection between husband and wife Ingrid and Ingrid and Torbjörn; we see them cuddling in an armchair, enjoying the warmth of a fireplace in a very cold season. In addition, it is shown how Reinhardt, Torbjörn’s dear friend, has a nice gesture with the family’s children and reads stories.

After that appearance, Ingrid is mentioned again in the trailers, where she is introduced to her daughter Brigitte at the beginning of 2018. However, it was the first time she mentioned Torbjörn’s wife’s name. So, for all the game fans to get to know the character better, the name is revealed in a letter Torbjörn writes to Ingrid.

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But those have not been all the appearances of Ingrid in the game; she can also be seen in the video that shows the original story of Brigitte. This scene shows how Torbjörn and Ingrid enjoy time with their young daughter.

Ingrid has even been mentioned in different dialogues; for example, on one occasion, Mercy mentions how good Ingrid is in the kitchen, referring to her delicious apple pie.

Next Overwatch 2 hero

There have been no signs that Ingrid may be included in the game as a hero. However, during an interview with the developers of Overwatch 2, it was commented that the next heroes to be added to the game would be faces they already know. So the option of seeing Ingrid in the game cannot be ruled out.