Overwatch 2 wants to change ranked system

Overwatch 2 wants to change ranked system

26. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

It sure looks like Overwatch 2 is about to undergo some massive changes. The game’s developers want to make changes to ranked play and enforce a reset. Aaron Keller has announced what Blizzard and Overwatch 2 want to do with the ranking system and their vision around the topic.

Overwatch 2 was highly praised by fans and critics upon its release. However, there were also many voices that referred to the Ranked mode, because there were plenty of problems there.

Problems in Overwatch

Active players claim that the Matchmaking experience went down the drain and that leaving players ruin matches. Of course this is something the devs want to fix as fast as possible but they weren’t able to get ahead of the problem yet.

Now Aaron Keller announced that they want to change rank resets and additional infos on the individual performance and progress within their rank.

Developer announces rank changes

The Overwatch 2 developers said that resets of the ranks were one of the biggest complaints of the players and impacted them negatively. “One of the biggest issues raised by players is the detriment to their experience caused by the partial reset of rankings at the beginning of each competitive season,” Aaron said. “Starting in Season 4, we’ll remove that reset, and players should have a much clearer picture of their rating from season to season.” Instead of seasonal the new resets would be “maybe annually” but they are discussing the topic within the team.

Reactions from the community

Community reaction to the Overwatch Cavalry announcement via Twitter was mixed. “What if ranks weren’t reset because my life doesn’t revolve around competition, but that shouldn’t mean my rank is reset,” argues one player. This view is a little flawed, as players that reach their “peak” would not be motivated to play more and interest could dwindle.

Other games have seasonal resets, others don’t, so philosophy around the issue is split Some players claim that comp play is mostly hampered by other problems within the game and that gameplay should be addressed first.

Most people probably agreed more with one person who wrote this tweet, “How about improving matchmaking? As long as the rank resets but the MMR doesn’t, it’s pointless and only hurts the game.” We don’t know when all of the changes would take place, right now people are glad that the rank resets are currently gone. Season 4 is around the corner, most likely starting in April. Of course we will see changes within the game with the new season, so let’s wait patiently and hope for the best!