Overwatch 2: Comprehensive Breakdown of Roadhog’s Rework

Overwatch 2: Comprehensive Breakdown of Roadhog’s Rework

14. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Overwatch 2 is set to enhance the gameplay experience with an eagerly awaited rework of Roadhog. This update, aimed at bolstering his lethal capabilities and resilience, positions Roadhog as a more formidable contender in the hero shooter arena.

Revitalizing Roadhog: Key Changes in Overwatch 2

Alec Dawson, the hero designer for Overwatch 2, shared insights on Twitch about the significant modifications coming to Roadhog. The rework is designed to preserve his identity as an aggressive tank while introducing subtle changes to his iconic Chain Hook + Scrap Gun combo. These updates were later officially announced on social media.

Roadhog’s Abilities Post-Rework



Scrap Gun

  • [Removed] No longer has a secondary fire.
  • [New] Will now shoot a burst of four large projectiles at the center of its blast.

Take a Breather

  • [Removed] No longer amplifies healing towards the end.
  • [New] Features a resource meter that depletes during use and recharges when not in use.
  • Remains active as long as the assigned button is held.
  • Functionality moved from the secondary ability to the secondary fire button.

Whole Hog (Ultimate)

  • No changes.

New Ability: Hog Trap

  • Throws a trap that slows and damages nearby enemies.
  • Replaces Take a Breather as the secondary ability.

Additional Tweaks

Beyond these key changes, Roadhog will undergo further adjustments. The damage output of the Scrap Gun and Take a Breather will be recalibrated, with the latter featuring a significantly reduced cooldown and a meter-based system for enhanced healing.

Roadhog’s Position in Overwatch 2’s Meta

Currently, Roadhog is somewhat sidelined in the Overwatch 2 metagame. However, this rework could propel him to new heights, potentially challenging aggressive tanks like Junker Queen, Orisa, and the upcoming Season 8 hero, Mauga.

New Meta on the Way?

With these changes, Roadhog is poised to shake up the dynamics of Overwatch 2 esports gameplay. Players should anticipate a more aggressive and versatile Roadhog, bringing fresh strategies and challenges to the battlefield.