Overwatch 2: Organizations Return to “Low-Risk” Competitive Scene Ahead of OWCS

Overwatch 2: Organizations Return to “Low-Risk” Competitive Scene Ahead of OWCS

1. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Overwatch esports landscape has undergone significant changes since the closure of the Overwatch League. However, a notable development has emerged as organizations are making their way back into the competitive scene, signaling a shift towards a “low-risk” approach in preparation for the Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS).

M80 Esports and Spacestation Gaming Lead the Charge



Strategic Signings

  • M80 Esports and Spacestation Gaming, renowned for their presence in titles like Rocket League and Rainbow Six, have recently announced the formation of Overwatch rosters.
  • These organizations have strategically entered the Overwatch scene by picking up teams featuring stars and coaches with prior experience in the Overwatch League.

Regional Focus

  • M80 Esports has signed a roster to compete in North America, while Spacestation Gaming has entered the European and Middle Eastern region (EMEA).

Expanding Reach and Opportunities

Overwatch 2 OWCS gets co streaming program

Global Expansion

  • Team Falcons has ventured into the Korean Overwatch scene by assembling a roster comprising former OWL talents, showcasing the global appeal of Overwatch 2 esports.
  • OverActive Media has also re-entered the scene by resurrecting the Toronto Defiant, becoming the first former franchise owners to rejoin the Overwatch competitive landscape.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Overwatch 1

Low-Risk Investment

  • Marco Mereu, CEO of M80 Esports, highlights the organization’s decision to make a “low-risk bet” on Overwatch 2 esports due to its strong viewership potential.
  • Mereu emphasizes that the cost of fielding a competitive team in Overwatch 2 is reasonable, especially considering the fresh start offered by the OWCS.

Future Prospects

  • The success of Overwatch 2 and its esports scene hinges on the level of support from Blizzard, particularly in terms of features like team skins for OWCS Majors qualifiers.

With the OWCS open qualifiers on the horizon, organizations are gearing up to capitalize on the opportunities presented by Overwatch 2 esports. As the competitive landscape evolves, the return of organizations signifies a promising resurgence for the Overwatch community worldwide.

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