Overwatch 2: Mauga’s Rise in the Meta – A Must-Pick Post-Buffs

Overwatch 2: Mauga’s Rise in the Meta – A Must-Pick Post-Buffs

21. December 2023 by Never

Overwatch 2 has witnessed a significant shift in its metagame dynamics with the latest buffs to Mauga, the formidable Samoan warrior. Following the December 19 patch, Mauga has not only gained a substantial boost in power but has also become an essential pick in both casual and competitive play.

Mauga’s Buffs: A Game Changer

Blizzard had been planning buffs for Mauga well before his debut in Overwatch 2’s Competitive Play mode. The December 19 patch brought about pivotal changes that have greatly enhanced his overall performance. Let’s delve into the specifics:

Basic Stats Enhancement

  • Armor Increase: From 150 to 250
  • Health Reduction: From 350 to 250

Chain Guns: Incendiary and Volatile

  • Incendiary Chain Gun: Reduced shots needed for burning enemies from 15 to 10
  • Gun Dispersion: Lowered from 1.1 to 1 when a single cannon is active

Berserker Mode

  • Health Conversion Rate: Increased from 50% to 60%

These adjustments have established Mauga as a more dominant and resilient force on the battlefield.


Community Response and Strategic Implications

The Overwatch 2 community quickly recognized the impact of Mauga’s buffs. A Reddit post highlighted his newfound difficulty to eliminate, with user Xardian7 noting that Mauga is now “a must-pick to capitalize on and counter in competitive play.”

Given this development, players are exploring counters such as D.Va or Sigma for their bullet-absorbing abilities and supports like Ana or Zenyatta to debilitate him with sleeps or debuffs.

Mastering Mauga: Adapting to Overwatch 2’s New Meta Powerhouse

Blizzard is continuing to monitor Mauga’s performance. In the meantime, players should expect to encounter him frequently and adjust their strategies accordingly. Mastery of Mauga or understanding how to counter him will be crucial for success in Overwatch 2’s evolving landscape.