Overwatch 2 Temporarily Disables Illari in Competitive Play

Overwatch 2 Temporarily Disables Illari in Competitive Play

10. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Overwatch 2 has taken a significant step by temporarily removing Illari from its competitive mode. This decision comes after an identified issue with her ammunition mechanism, which has sparked extensive investigations by the game’s development team.

Issue Discovery

  • Content Creator’s Revelation: The ammunition bug was brought to light by content creator mL7, who demonstrated Illari’s infinite ammo capacity in a gameplay video.

Blizzard’s Response

  • Official Acknowledgment: Blizzard, through community manager Kaedi, confirmed the bug and the removal of Illari from competitive play for further investigation.
  • Bug Description: Illari’s ammunition was not resetting correctly, allowing for an uninterrupted firing spree without the need for reloading.

Game Patch and Bug Emergence

  • Patch on Jan. 9: The ammunition issue emerged following a patch that included updates to various characters, including Illari.
  • Affecting Competitive Integrity: The bug potentially disrupts the balance and fairness in competitive matches, leading to its immediate attention and action.

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Current Status and Future Updates

  • Inaccessibility in Ranked Games: As of Jan. 10, Illari remains unavailable in ranked games.
  • Awaiting Resolution: Updates will be provided as soon as Blizzard resolves the issue and reinstates Illari in competitive play.

Investigating Illari’s Ammunition Issue

The temporary removal of Illari from Overwatch 2’s competitive play highlights the commitment of Blizzard to maintain the integrity and balance of the game.

While it impacts the gameplay experience, especially for those who main Illari, such decisive actions are crucial for ensuring a fair and competitive environment. Players are advised to stay updated for her reinstatement in ranked games.