Overwatch 2: The Changes Coming with the First Hotfix of Season 9

Overwatch 2: The Changes Coming with the First Hotfix of Season 9

21. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As Season 9 unfolds in Overwatch 2, players are gearing up for a significant shift in the game’s meta and overall gameplay. Alec Dawson, the lead hero designer of the hero shooter, recently provided insights into the upcoming modifications that will be introduced in the game’s next version.

Hotfix Details

In an exclusive stream with content creator mL7, Alec Dawson discussed the upcoming changes set to arrive in the game’s first hotfix of Season 9. While highlighting the success of the damage role’s passive modification, Dawson outlined several adjustments aimed at balancing the game and refining the overall player experience.

Zenyatta Nerf

The most notable change in the upcoming hotfix revolves around a nerf to Zenyatta. Dawson emphasized the need to address Zenyatta’s self-sustainability and disruptive capabilities, aiming to transform him into more of a “glass cannon” by reducing the effectiveness of his melee kick and adjusting his health pool.

Projectile Reductions for D.Va and Mercy

Additionally, adjustments will be made to reduce the size of projectiles for D.Va and Mercy, with plans to implement similar changes for Widowmaker in a future update. Meanwhile, Junkrat and Illari will see an increase in projectile size to better align with their current gameplay dynamics.


Future Changes for Other Heroes

Dawson hinted at forthcoming changes for several other heroes, including Hanzo, Lúcio, Roadhog, Tracer, and Zarya. While the specifics of these adjustments remain undisclosed, players can anticipate a mix of buffs and nerfs designed to enhance hero balance and gameplay diversity.

Rework for Reaper

During the stream, Dawson revealed ongoing efforts to rework Reaper, emphasizing a strategic approach focused on modernizing his abilities. Notably, attention will be directed towards refining his Shadow Step ability to ensure its relevance within the evolving Overwatch 2 landscape.

Changes Revealed for Season 9 Meta

In light of these upcoming changes, players are encouraged to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. As Overwatch 2 continues to evolve, embracing these modifications will be essential for maintaining a competitive edge in Season 9 and beyond.

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