Overwatch 2: First look and release date of the new map Suravasa

Overwatch 2: First look and release date of the new map Suravasa

28. July 2023 by miranda angeles

With the arrival of the new Overwatch 2 season, the game developers will release many new features. Not only is the game finally coming to Steam, but it comes with the huge “Invasion” update that brings paid PvE content. But that’s not all. With the new season also comes the new map Suravasa to the Flashpoint mode of the game.

Finally, the game developers gave us a small preview of the new map. In the new season, all Overwatch 2 fans will be able to play and invade the streets of India, thanks to Suravasa.

Details of the new season of Overwatch 2

It is clear that Overwatch 2 Season 5 is coming to an end, and in very few days, all game fans will be able to enjoy the new season. Thanks to all the details revealed by the developers, it is safe to say that Season 6 will be the most powerful to date.

Thanks to adding a new support hero, a new gameplay style, two new maps, and the game’s first story missions, we will have a lot of material to enjoy. We’ll see it all in action on August 10, when the new season begins.

The game developers have shown a video of the new season, where we see some heroes fighting in existing and new areas. In addition, they’ve let us see that the new season brings a new slogan to the game “Heroes Can.” But that’s not all. Also, we were finally shown the new Survasa map, where you can play in Flashpoint game mode.

Details of the new Survasa map in the Flashpoint game mode

Thanks to the video released by Blizzard, we have had the opportunity to observe the Survasa map in depth in a detailed trailer. In addition, the game developers have shown some details you can see when playing the game; for example, a Shambali temple, which features a statue of Aurora. This is the first comic to awaken, which we know better thanks to the animated miniseries Overwatch: Genesis.

In general, it could be seen that Suravasa is a fictional village located in India. It is an important place for the ‘lore’ of the game because the Vishkar corporation carries out projects very close to it and is part of Symmetra’s past.

What is the release date of the “Flashpoint” map Suravasa in Overwatch 2?

This map will arrive in the game alongside the ‘Invasion’ update on Thursday, August 10, 2023. For now, we can only wait a few days to get a first-hand look at all the content available in the new season.