Unveiling Overwatch 2 Esports: FACEIT Introduces New Ranking System for OWCS Seeding

Unveiling Overwatch 2 Esports: FACEIT Introduces New Ranking System for OWCS Seeding

16. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Overwatch 2 esports landscape is set to flourish once again with the launch of PC tournaments hosted by FACEIT, commencing today. This resurgence brings with it a revamped ranking system outlined in a recent FACEIT blog post, shedding light on the introduction of daily and weekly WASB (We Are So Back) Cup tournaments.

These tournaments, fueled by FACEIT’s sophisticated Elo ranking system, will play a pivotal role in determining seeding for the upcoming Overwatch Championship Series (OWCS) Open Qualifiers.

The Elo System: A Fair and Balanced Approach

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According to the blog post, the Elo system will serve as the cornerstone of this new esports ecosystem, ensuring a fair and balanced competitive experience across various FACEIT competitions.

Moreover, it will serve as a compass for players, offering insights into their skill levels relative to their friends, country, region, and the broader Overwatch competitive community.


Establishing a Starting Point

Upon linking their FACEIT account to their Battle.net account for the first time, Overwatch 2 players will receive an initial Elo rating based on their best competitive role rank from the most recent seasons (seasons 7 or 8) of Overwatch on PC. This starting Elo, ranging from 625 to 1640, aims to provide players with a fair and accurate baseline for their FACEIT journey.

Challenger Rank: Recognizing Excellence

The top 1,000 players in each region will be designated as “Challenger Rank,” a prestigious title reserved for the most skilled Overwatch players. This designation serves as a badge of honor, showcasing their true level of expertise within the Overwatch community.

Rewarding Excellence

New daily and weekly tournaments will offer players the opportunity to compete for monthly prize pools and FACEIT Points, enabling them to climb the ranks in the NA, EMEA, SA, and OCE regions.

These tournaments will replicate the OWCS map pool and series structure, allowing players to hone their skills and strategies under official conditions before the competition commences.

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Embarking on the Journey

With the tournaments kicking off today, players are encouraged to sign up on FACEIT and embark on their journey toward becoming Overwatch 2 esports legends. By participating in these tournaments and leveraging the Elo ranking system, players can strive for excellence and make their mark in the competitive Overwatch scene.