Overwatch 2 debuts a free Valentine’s Day dating sim: Loverwatch

Overwatch 2 debuts a free Valentine’s Day dating sim: Loverwatch

14. February 2023 by Andrew Williams

The game allows you to go on dates with Genji and Mercy following the advice of a particular Cupid: Hanzo; playing it unlocks a featured play and a player card.

This Tuesday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day, and Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch 2 team has decided to celebrate it in a comical, but dedicated way. They have created, in collaboration with other studios, a dating sim that allows you to date Genji and Mercy, following the advice of Hanzo, who acts as Cupid. It can be played for free (in Mexican Spanish) through this website, although the company warns that only through desktop browsers, so they do not assure its compatibility on mobiles and tablets. It is available until February 28.

Loverwatch: Love Never Dies is a free visual novel that follows the structure of classic dating sims, allowing players to meet Genji or Mercy in bars and restaurants located in different maps of the hero shooter with the aim of winning their hearts, something that will help a particular Cupid: Hanzo. There is even a secret ending.

Blizzard defines the narrative as an “official, but not canon Overwatch 2” story. The Californian studio explains that “there are parts of the Overwatch story that are real and other parts that are hypothetical […] this dating sim is one of those non-canon hypothetical stories”.

Overwatch 2 giveaways for playing the visual novel.

By playing the visual novel players can get a code for Battle.net that grants a featured Hanzo move called Cupid’s Kiss and a player card. Both items are part of the Hanzo Cupid Pack, which is also available at a discount when trying out the dating sim and includes a legendary skin, an amulet and a souvenir. Also available in Overwatch 2 is the Love for Geometry mode and the Support Your Support Challenge.

Blizzard Entertainment has not been the only one involved in this production, in which publisher Akupara Games, art studio Psyop and developer Kittehface Software (in charge of ports such as Forager, What the Golf? and Mutazione) have collaborated.