Overwatch 2 Competitive Scene Overhaul: Introdution of Ultimate Rank and How to Climb Quickly

Overwatch 2 Competitive Scene Overhaul: Introdution of Ultimate Rank and How to Climb Quickly

7. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The competitive landscape of Overwatch 2 is set for an exhilarating overhaul as Blizzard announces the much-anticipated updates in Season 9. Get ready for an all-new Ultimate rank, emerald weapons, and a rank reset that promises to redefine the competitive experience.

Understanding the Overwatch 2 Competitive Rework

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The forthcoming Season 9 will bring a fresh competitive system into play. One major change is the removal of the former win-loss requirement for rank changes. Now, with the introduction of the Competitive Overview page, players will see their rank updates post every match, thanks to a newly integrated progress bar.

Emerald Weapons and Ultimate Rank: The New Incentives

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Blizzard is not only revamping the ranking system but also introducing new incentives. The highlight of the season will be the exclusive emerald weapons and the debut of an Ultimate rank—a tier above Grandmaster.

Strategies for Climbing the Ranks

To escalate your rank swiftly:

  • Specialize in a few heroes rather than the entire roster for more effective gameplay.
  • Master map layouts and health pack locations—key elements for dominating matches.
  • Focus on survival over eliminations; staying alive is crucial for controlling the game.
  • Understand both your heroes’ and the enemies’ abilities for strategic advantages.

Season 9: A Fresh Start

“In Overwatch 2 Season 9, we’re hitting the reset button on ranks and reintroducing placements,” announces Blizzard. This shift is a chance for players to impact their rank significantly, as the new placement games will carry more weight.

Rewarding Competitive Play

As part of the rework, players can anticipate new competitive rewards, including the coveted emerald weapons, to be distributed annually.

New Season, New Rank!

As Overwatch 2 embarks on a new competitive era, embrace these changes and refine your strategies to climb the ranks. Whether you’re aiming for the prestigious Ultimate rank or coveting the emerald weapons, Season 9 marks a pivotal moment in Overwatch 2’s competitive scene.