Overwatch 2: Chengdu Hunters not listed on the schedule for the next league season

Overwatch 2: Chengdu Hunters not listed on the schedule for the next league season

19. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Is the dissolution of the Chengdu Hunters possible? Many fans ask this question after seeing that one of the club’s teams does not appear on the schedule for the upcoming OWL season.

According to the league’s official schedule, the Chengdu Hunters will not participate in the spring qualifiers. This raises many doubts about the possible disappearance of the team.

Chengdu Hunters do not appear in the league’s team list

Since Blizzard and its Chinese publishing partner Netease consciously parted ways, things have not been going well, and everything has become complicated. The fact that some titles such as Overwatch, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft are not available in China has serious problems for the Chinese teams participating in the Overwatch 2 league. At the moment, the Chengdu Hunters are reportedly in the process of disbanding the team; however, that information has not been confirmed by the team.

It is confirmed that they will not be on the schedule for the next season, which starts in a week.

What will happen to the Chengdu Hunters?

Rumors that the Chengdu Hunters might split up have surfaced since the beginning of this year following the controversial split between Netease and Blizzard. The fact that the Chengdu Hunters were late announcing their squad after the free agency deadline ended added to the rumors of the possible split. However, the turning point came in January of this year when the team announced its farewell.

Team officials later explained that the farewell post was not about the team but about a title that could not be played in China. However, the team’s Twitter account has not been posted since then. So the rumors of the separation did not stop.

On the other hand, on the official Overwatch League Twitter account yesterday, they commented that they would publish the official spring season schedule. But they clarify that Chengdu Hunters is not on the list while they think about what will happen with the organization. They also add that when the league organizers have the information about the future of Chengdu Hunters, they will inform the fan community.

As we have already mentioned, no official announcement of a possible separation of the Chengdu Hunters has been announced. But, without a doubt, the fact that the team does not appear for the next season suggests that it is a discreet farewell.

However, we must wait to determine the organization’s future and whether it will disband or return in force for the summer season.