Overwatch 2 and Prime Gaming: Unlocking the Golfista: 76 Skin

Overwatch 2 and Prime Gaming: Unlocking the Golfista: 76 Skin

20. November 2023 by Never

Get Soldier: 76’s Epic Outfit for Free

For fans of Overwatch 2, there’s exciting news from Blizzard. The epic outfit for Soldier: 76, dubbed Golfista: 76, is now available for free through Prime Gaming. This offer is a must-grab for those with an Amazon Prime subscription.

A Last-Minute Switch by Blizzard

Initially, Blizzard had planned to release a skin for Ana, known as Ana Camuflaje de medianoche, but made a last-minute change. Instead, Prime Gaming members can now claim the Soldier: 76 skin until December 21st. Remember, you need to link your Amazon account to Battle.net to claim it.

The Second Skin from the Overwatch 2 Store

Golfista: 76 is the second skin from the Overwatch 2 store offered on Prime Gaming, following the Mercy Guardiana BΓΊho skin. However, unlike the Mercy skin, players who previously purchased Golfista: 76 won’t get a 1,000 Overwatch coin refund (its individual price).

The Revised Reward Line-Up

Prime Gaming Rewards:

  • 5 Level Jumps (October 20)
  • Ana Camuflaje de medianoche (November 17)

Twitch Drops:

  • Possessed Pharah (Live Now)
  • Mayham Wrecking Ball (Date Unknown)

Special Bonus for Players

In addition to the Golfista: 76 skin, Prime Gaming offers a 3,000 credit login bonus and challenges. This skin provides a fresh design for Soldier: 76 enthusiasts and a chance for collectors to expand their hero gallery. Plus, if its bundle returns to the store, you can snag it at a significant Overwatch coin discount, including associated cosmetics like a player icon, victory pose, and a spray.

Overwatch 2 x Prime Gaming: Unlocking Golfista: 76

The Golfista: 76 skin giveaway is a great opportunity for Overwatch 2 players to enhance their gaming experience. This collaboration between Blizzard and Prime Gaming highlights the growing synergy between gaming platforms and subscription services, offering unique benefits to gamers.