Overpass redesign for CS2 changes map utility

Overpass redesign for CS2 changes map utility

18. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The huge redesign of CS2 has completely altered the meta utility of Overpass.

Overpass redesign for CS2 changes map utility

Overpass was added to the Counter-Strike 2 beta yesterday, and players have noticed that Valve has redesigned the map and completely altered the map’s meta utility. Players will have more leeway regarding smokes and flashes thanks to the changes made to Overpass. To a large extent, this greater player freedom is because the CS2 developers have completely tweaked the locations and even removed the skyboxes that existed on the map.

Since the map’s release, players have the option of lining up their projectiles from any location without worrying about hitting a skybox. This is undoubtedly a great improvement for this map, as players can launch smokes from point B to point A.

Changes to the Overpass map

The developers of CS2 have made several adjustments to the locations. For example, they have moved the entrance to the playground out of spawn T. As a result, both professional and amateur players will have to learn new angles to make their Molotov launches useful.

However, it is important to note that smokes are now in an unbeatable position, and players can reach entirely new levels. On the other hand, players should know that Molotovs, flash grenades, and HE grenades will not be affected by the changes in Overpass.

At the same time, thanks to all the Overpass adjustments, CS2 players can easily achieve false attacks on bomb sites. But that’s not all. Players can also simply isolate positions, such as TACs, from different map areas using smokes.

Other changes to the CS2 Overpass map

On the other hand, CS2 developers also have revamped the Overpass, which means changes to key positions. Specifically, from now on, players can jump over the plywood. In this way, players will be able to see through the stairs. In turn, they can propel themselves to the sandbags in A-short.

Recall that in CS:GO, players needed the help of a partner to lift them to the sandbags. Also, in CS:GO, you couldn’t see through them either.

Instead, players who execute their moves correctly can learn important details about the planned move at point B.

On the other hand, Overpass was not the only map to debut in CS2. The game developers have also included Vertigo in the list of maps. Yesterday’s CS2 beta update also included the Wingman game mode.