Overlooked Champions of the Dota 2 International

Overlooked Champions of the Dota 2 International

24. October 2023 by Never

The Dota 2 International never ceases to captivate audiences, showcasing a variety of strategies and heroes. Yet, even in such an eclectic meta, a few champions remain sidelined. Let’s dive deeper into these unsung heroes and speculate on their potential resurgence.

Abaddon’s Quandary

Despite brief popularity as a core character, recent nerfs have relegated Abaddon back to a supporting role. He struggles to make a mark because:

  • Melee supports require distinctive abilities to stand out. Champions like Treant Protector, Tusk, and Undying offer pronounced laning phases and impactful midgames.
  • Ancient Apparition and similar anti-healing champions counteract Abaddon’s healing prowess. Although Abaddon’s Aphotic Shield dispels negative effects, his niche as a healer and protector is overshadowed in the current meta.

While there might be room for Abaddon as a third-position champion, his prospects remain dim.

Dragon Knight’s Dilemma

Dragon Knight exemplifies the archetype of a front-liner. However, alternatives like Tidehunter, Centaur Warrunner, and Earth Spirit outclass him, especially since they aren’t reliant on Blink Dagger for initiation. Unless teams innovate with unconventional builds, Dragon Knight might continue to be overshadowed.

The Dual Enigma: Lion and Shadow Shaman

Recent metas favoured other options over Lion and Shadow Shaman. Both champions suffer in a meta dominated by tanky adversaries. Lion’s lengthy cooldowns further handicap him. Still, given the average game duration at the International, his potential should not be discounted.

Meepo’s Potential

Meepo remains an intriguing wildcard pick for seasoned players. Although many of his traditional counters are also out of favour, the ever-present threat of Bristleback keeps him in check.

Slardar’s Mystery

The absence of Slardar is perplexing. He thrives in aggressive Dota strategies and pairs excellently with Dazzle. His potential to partner with Bristleback in a leading role might catch opponents off guard.

Timbersaw’s Unexpected Absence

Timbersaw excels at countering strength-based champions, making his absence confounding. Admittedly, champions like Grimstroke pose challenges, but his prowess against Kunkka and Chaos Knight might carve out a niche for him.

Tinker’s Situation

Regarding Tinker, it’s a straightforward case.

Winter Wyvern’s Wane

Once hailed for its versatility, Winter Wyvern has lost prominence. With Dark Willow and other magic damage heroes in vogue, its abilities seem less potent. The current meta’s supports simply offer more flexibility.

dota 2 no escogido

The Dota 2 International’s meta is commendably balanced. Yet, as the heart of Dota lies in its unpredictability, there’s always potential for innovation and surprise.

What’s your perspective on the overlooked champions? Do you envision a comeback for any of them? Let’s discuss!