OTK Media adds Mad Mushroom to its publishing portfolio

OTK Media adds Mad Mushroom to its publishing portfolio

11. June 2023 by miranda angeles

It was recently announced that the organization that founded OTK Games Expo had expanded its scope. The organization has launched a new independent publishing house called Mad Mushroom.

Details of the annual OTK Games Expo 2023

Yesterday, June 10, the second annual OTK Games Expo was held. This expo is organized by One True King “OTK” media company.

The expo was held in a live event, but a broadcast was also made on Asmongold’s Twitch channel; this way, people who could not attend did not miss any event details.

Recall that OTK was founded in 2020 by content producers:

  • Asmongold
  • Esfand
  • Emiru
  • Mizkif
  • Sodapoppin
  • Nmplol
  • Tips Out

However, it was not until 2022 that the annual OTK Games Expo was held. But without a doubt, the growth has been incredible, and this 2023, the festival was attended by more than 30 independent films.

However, OTK executives are also focusing on other projects that will allow them to expand further. Among those other projects is the new independent video game publisher Mad Mushroom.

OTK’s independent video game publisher “Mad Mushroom”

Yesterday, OTK revealed that the new project they are working on is the independent publisher Games Expo: Mad Mushroom. This new video game publisher was created to renew the industry. In addition, with this new video game production company, OTK wants to provide opportunities for independent game developers. This way, these producers will have greater visibility, better marketing, and distribution of games never seen before, thanks to the help of different content creators and media.

Thanks to the joint work between the owners of OTK and content creators Sodapoppin, Extra Emiru, Emily, Esfand, and Asmongold, the creation of this new video game publisher has been possible.

Now, for Mad Mushroom’s new publishing house to guarantee excellent quality in each of its works, they have included professionals in the sector. The main consultant is Mike Sibowitz, who has almost 20 years of experience and has worked with video game developers such as Square Enix and Activision.

The gaming community can undoubtedly expect excellent independent video games from Mad Mushroom. To achieve the development of great video games, the OTK team, together with Sibowitz, aims to help small startups. In this way, they prevent these small companies from suffering abusive agreements and having better access to marketing.

Sibowitz said that the differentiating factor of the new publisher is the unprecedented exposure thanks to OTK’s extensive human talent as content creators and influencers. In addition, Sibowitz assures that by utilizing the follower base of each of OTK’s members, they will be able to expand the audience for independent games and thus promote the success of video games.