Ornn’s Forgefire Legacy in LoL: Navigating the Post-Mythic Item Era

Ornn’s Forgefire Legacy in LoL: Navigating the Post-Mythic Item Era

24. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Ornn, the god of the forge in League of Legends, faces a new challenge with the removal of mythic items in Season 14. His unique passive ability, which was centered around upgrading mythic items, now requires a strategic shift. This article explores how Ornn can continue to be a game-changer with his forging prowess.

Ornn’s Unique Passive Reimagined

Ornn’s distinct abilities include shopping anywhere on the map and upgrading items after reaching level 13. Previously, this upgrade was reserved for a mythic item. However, with the mythic items’ departure, the question arises: what items will Ornn enhance now?

Ornn 1

The New Path: Upgrading Legendary Items

  • PBE Insights: The latest PBE patch reveals that Ornn can now upgrade one of his legendary items at level 13, making it ‘select.’
  • Process: Ornn can upgrade an allied legendary item by clicking on it when nearby, starting from level 13 and for each subsequent level.

Choosing the Right Item

  • Selection: Players must place the item they wish to upgrade at the top of their inventory for Ornn to enhance it.
  • Restrictions: Not all legendary items are upgradeable. For instance, items like ‘Rompecascos’ won’t have an Ornnament option.

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Ornn’s New Role in LoL esports Season 14

As players navigate through Season 14, understanding and adapting to Ornn’s modified passive is crucial. The ability to enhance specific legendary items strategically will play a pivotal role in team compositions and in-game tactics.