OpTic Texas failed to win any map at CDL Major 5

OpTic Texas failed to win any map at CDL Major 5

27. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Unexpectedly OpTic Texas failed to win any map at the CDL Major 5 held in Toronto.

The rematch of the Major 4 final has served as a test to determine which team would have a more disastrous tournament in the CDL Major 5; we are talking about OpTic Texas and LA Thieves. Ultimately, LA Thieves eliminated OpTic Texas from the LAN, who defeated them 3-0.

OpTic Texas vs. LA Thieves in Major 5

During the match between OpTic Texas and LA Thieves, the crowd cheered for OpTic Texas; however, they could not show their full potential. OpTic Texas lost the first map, Mercado Hardpoint, and they were far from returning and winning the match.

After losing Mercado and being destroyed 6-2 in the Search and Destroy Hotel after that, the team came close to winning a map; however, they failed to do so and left the Major 5 without winning a single map.

OpTic Texas, despite having a perfect qualification for the Major 5 and arriving as one of the favorite teams, failed to survive in the tournament. Gradually, OpTic fans realized that their team would not advance.

Revenge of the Major 4 final

In this match, in Hotel, where OpTic held a tight map for the first time in the series, it was the map where everything fell apart for the team. They lost the next three games despite having a 1-0 lead. OpTic is sent home, and the series has ended with LA Thieves as the winner.

As mentioned, the Major 5 was a rematch of the Major 4 final. However, it was a bit disappointing for the fans of both teams that it was so early in the tournament.

After the match between OpTic Texas and LA Thieves ended, LA Thieves player Drazah made some comments.

Drazah states that the team did not expect to meet OpTic Texas in the first round. However, the team believed they could make a good showing in the Major 5 if they beat them.

The Thieves knew they were back in good shape to compete in LAN once the series ended since they had just defeated and eliminated their finals opponents one Major earlier.

On the other hand, Drazah commented that the team in that match was playing very well, and when they played together like that, it was very difficult for another team to beat them.

Certainly, Drazah had an excellent performance against OpTic, where he got 61 kills with a 1.42 kills/kills ratio.

On the other hand, Envoy also commented on his victory against OpTic Texas, saying that when the team plays at its best, no one can beat them. He also added that with this victory, they regained their confidence to continue in the tournament and beat the best teams.