OpTic Hitch sign a women’s CoD WxC team

OpTic Hitch sign a women’s CoD WxC team

15. May 2023 by miranda angeles

The WxC, a Call of Duty women’s competition, is underway. This competition is attracting the attention of some of the biggest names in the CoD competitive scene.

Boston Breach was the first organization that wanted to support the WxC when they increased the prize money to double. Initially, all teams were fighting for a $5k prize pool, and now they are fighting for $10k.

In turn, different content creators want to support the teams. The first content creator was Overgirl, from Toronto Ultra, who took over the Tsunami team.

Now OpTic Hitch and Team Summertime have decided to support the girls of Team Phoenix.

OpTic Hitch sign a female CoD WxC team

Hitch recently commented in an interview that he thought Overgirl’s idea to take over the WxC Tsunami team was fantastic. She also said it helps women’s esports move in the right direction.

Thanks to Overgirl’s initiative, Hitch was motivated to support the Team Phoenix players.

On the other hand, Hitch comments that women’s esports can grow greatly if content creators support them. He, in turn, comments that he already knew that the WxC finals were near and decided to take the step to support the girls.

Hitch said that Team Phoenix was the first sports team I visited. In addition, some of the best players in the world are part of the squad.

We are talking about Kels, the first girl to be accepted in Challengers Elite; she has demonstrated her abilities in different regional competitions where she has been victorious.

On the other side of the team is Cely, a stalwart athlete in the competitive scene with an important tournament tour. Both athletes have participated in different TST competitions.

On the other hand, Hitch comments that she is very happy to be able to support the Team Phoenix girls and to be able to organize a watch party to support the women’s CoD.

Team Phoenix players

  • Kels
  • Cely
  • Tea
  • Bel

WxC Playoffs

Today, May 15, we can all start enjoying the WxC Playoffs. Eight teams will be fighting to advance to the next phase in this tournament stage.

In an interview, Kels commented that this tournament greatly boosts the women’s scene as Activision supports it. In addition, more and more people are interested in the WxC daily. With the help of WxC, many women will have a safe place to compete, but above all, on a platform they deserve.

On the other hand, Kels adds that the fact that Overgirl got a team has caught the attention of many people and has given an extra boost to the competition.

Kels, in turn, comments that it was a no-brainer for her and the rest of the team that Hitch wanted to support the team. Kels says that Hitch has always been supportive of her and Cely.

On the other hand, all the people who want to watch the broadcasts of the WxC matches can go to the official Allycxt channel on Twitch, where each match will be rebroadcast.